Saturday 8 August 2009

Z has a good day

Indeed I did - I went into the dress shop I usually go into in town when I do go into a dress shop, which isn't all that often (second time this year, I think) and found the teenage daughter of a friend was working there for the summer holidays. As a result of our conversation, I'm quite hopeful that her mother might join the school governors - she's already a governor and I've worked with her, and she'd be absolutely ideal, quite apart from being lovely too.

And I found some clothes I liked - in the sale, furthermore - and bought them.

And then I went to a concert at Snape tonight, which was splendid although the chap talked too much. I've seen them before, several years ago, the last time they were there and, sad to say, him talking too much rather spoiled the show. It's not that he doesn't talk well but that the music is so good that chatter wastes good listening time. He talked about half as much this time, and when he cuts the chat by another half to two-thirds, he'll have it about right. Anyway, I did buy their CD.

I had a most delicious ice cream at the interval. Hang on, I'll google the company and see if I can give you a link. Here we go. I'd been pondering hopefully (not having known about this new supplier) and hoping there might be lemon or something refreshing - well, the choice was elderflower and gooseberry, blackcurrant or strawberry. I had the first of those, and it was absolutely yummy. I'll go back to the website tomorrow and see if there's a supplier near here. One small pot was really not enough. I mean, it was for tonight but not... oh, you get the picture.

I actually did some housework today and majorly cleared up cobwebs. Only in one room, but at least I moved all the furniture and cleaned behind the pictures and all that malarkey. It took a good couple of hours, which is a lot for me and housework. It isn't possible to clean this house all in one day, not to do it properly, that is. Even if it were tidy it wouldn't be*, and it certainly is anything but that**. It never will be while the Sage and I live here. We'd not like it.

Oh, and I found a library book that I've had to renew twice as I had lost it. Mislaid, that is, I knew it was downstairs somewhere. And, while looking for that, the Sage found two organ music books that I'd also mislaid. I even knew the room they were in. Yes, I know. Fortunately, you don't have to live with me (though you'd enjoy it really).



Dave said...

I did some housework yesterday. I cleaned and polished some windows. To be fair they had reached the stage that one could barely see out of them.

sablonneuse said...

How I agree that too much chat spoils a concert. It's even worse when it's in French!

Z said...

Window cleaning isn't really my thing - outside, anyway. Ours are filthy, I don't care.

Sandy, it was the bits where he did the poor yet exaggerated French (in the haw-he-haw-he-haw manner) - as much of the concert was in the Reinhardt/Grapelli style - that grated most! A pity, because they're terrific musicians.

Christopher said...

Oh dear. Unlikely to find your ice-cream supplier in the S. of France. I shall have to continue making monthly trips to Mtp. for papal quantities of Häagen Dasz strawberries-and-cream ice cream.
Who is the organist?

Z said...

Sorry, Christopher - it is particularly good ice cream.

I can't describe myself as an organist, but I do play the organ. Village church with a small congregation standard.

Dave said...

Did nothing happen yesterday?

Z said...

I tried, I truly did. I wrote a post so dull that even I couldn't put it up, so I deleted it. I wrote a second and that didn't pass the casual Z-test either. I considered writing that I wasn't going to write a post, but thought that would irritate. So no, nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

How I agree that too much chat spoils a concert. It's even worse when it's in French!

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Z said...

Well, French that was meant to be funny in its badness, at any rate.