Friday 9 January 2009

Z is Fine, you hear?

They're all safely home and had a good time. We have been invited in for tea tomorrow, as well as to lunch with Weeza and Phil on Sunday. Woo-hoo indeed. Splendid.

Did I mention that Al accepted my offer to go into the shop tomorrow? That's fine, I'm more than willing of course.

Mind you, I had brought home my hottie.

Still got the order to phone through tonight. I'm flagging a bit, but only temporarily, I suppose a fourth glass of wine would be a bad idea. Whisky? Okay, I'll make coffee.

A busy day today - the money in the till didn't seem to say that, but I think it will once I've allowed for Tim's wages. He and I look after each other. He takes all heavy things away from me and I get us both cups of soup (carrot and coriander today) from the bakery. They make it first thing and let it cook in slow cookers all morning for lunch customers.

I'm a bit dozy tonight, as I haven't been sleeping much. I woke this morning thinking it was Sunday and I had to be in church by 7.30. Thank goodness I realised in time. I would have been distinctly fed up if I'd buggered down the road and waited for a congregation. I'd already startled the Sage and myself by turning the light on because I woke thinking (sorry, this is a bit awful and I can't remember the dream that set it off) that I could see blood pouring all over the radio, I think I get a bit carried away sometime.

I'm fine. What? No, I'm fine.


Anonymous said...

That must have been a very strange dream! You need a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

You're so wise Z, I'd have had the fourth glass of wine and regretted it.

I might have to pop over next time they do the carrot and coriander soup (I'll make myself useful and help in the shop while I'm there).

Z said...

I am quite glad I don't remember it.

Does half a glass count? I slightly succumbed after a while. Making yourself useful would be deeply appreciated, but wrap up warm.

Dandelion said...

Wow, that is a cool dream to have. Can see how it might be a bit unsettling though. Hope you sleep well tonight.

Z said...

It seemed real enough for me to switch the actual light on.

Dave said...

If you do find blood pouring from inanimate objects, and churches strangely warm, and objects being moved, one would start to suspect you're possessed.

They still burn witches in Norfolk, don't they?

Z said...

Blimey, you're right! Will you exorcise me, Dave?

Dave said...

I think the bike gives you enough exorcise.

Z said...

Heh heh