Thursday 8 January 2009

Z rambles, with brain disengaged

I had to drive in today, as I had Meals on Wheels to deliver at 11.45. There was a ground frost, but no air frost. However, as the day went on it felt colder and colder. I was chilly through a wool polo-neck, a wool jacket and a padded anorak. I wore thick tights under my trousers, so looked thick and clumsy and I didn't care. I also had a scarf wound twice round my neck.

Tim and I were not busy. We looked out at the market stall and were cheered to see no queue. They weren't doing any better than we were. Matt the fishmonger looked glum and had his scarf pulled up over his nose - I think working among fruit and veg is hard, but he's surrounded by ice and can't even wear fingerless gloves. I went and bought fish, including smoked eel - YAY - one of my remembrances of childhood, when we had Dutch au pairs who brought back that and other delicacies. I was only 5 when I first tasted it - who needs a madeleine?

I bought, from the chemist, a new hot water bottle for Al. I bought lamb chops and bacon from the butcher. Tim made coffee. I didn't remind him that I drink coffee black, as I quite felt like the added richness and sustenance of milk.

I delivered Meals on Wheels. One customer is failing in health and I don't think he'll cope alone, although he has good family support, for much longer. There were two new customers who have been friends for years, and it was lovely to see them. I noticed that my front nearside tyre (the car's tyre, darlings, I'm speaking colloquially) was only half inflated. I drove slowly.

When Tim left, I filled my hot water bottle. Not long afterwards, I filled Al's new one too. It felt very cold. The foggy air wafted in through the open door into the unheated shop. I ate my ham and salad roll and drank a cup of spiced tea. I wondered why I had resisted any impulse (it was only a thought really) to buy a cake, as if one had been there i would have eaten it. I ate a pear, having cut out a bad spot, instead. I refilled the hotties. I knitted a few rows. Having remembered to bring the second ball of wool, I reflected that it would have been a good idea if I'd looked out how to join two balls of wool together.

The afternoon became quite busy, better than the morning. I did have time to put up most of a big order for first thing tomorrow. I limped heavily as I brought everything indoors. My hip is as bad as when I went to the doctor last October. It's the weather. Sod the bloody hip, I am not ready to be evaluated and x-rayed (should it be an X, BW?) I will, at any rate, have lost weight after this week and be well on towards my doctor-imposed target. My trousers, size 12, hang on me. Hang on me, darlings. I have to cinch them in with a belt and they are still too long and flap around my thighs. Back to smaller jeans tomorrow.

When I'd driven home, I cycled down to the church to check things out. The outer, mesh, porch door was opened. The next door, centuries-old oak, was fastened open. The inner door was closed. I took my bike light in with me, instead of going in in the dark, but there was nothing unexpected there. My note had gone, but the Fellow had been in to remove the Christmas tree so maybe he'd done that. I checked that the brass candlesticks I've lent were still there and they were. I came home, where the Sage had made me a cup of Rose Poopong tean.

Lamb chop for dinner. A Barnsley chop, with baked potato, curly kale, swede and (imported) courgette. My back aches, but I'm sitting up straight and I'll lie on the floor for a bit. Darling Sage, having been to the dentist and the accountant (my income is bigger than the Sage's right now, who'd've thunk it?) took my car to have the tyre pumped up. When I left the shop, it was half-way down again. Darling Sage will get it dealt with tomorrow. I have kissed him and been adorable. He was awfully pleased.


Dandelion said...

You don't have to join the two balls of wool together. You just keep knitting till the first one runs out. Then on the next row you simply use the second ball as if nothing has happened.

Brom said...

Just reading that made me feel exhausted. My life is so mundane in comparison.

Good luck with the tyre... at least it's not a product of all this inflation that's going on.

Anonymous said...

That Sage--you'd better keep him! It seems chilly here today but at least it isn't snowing, just raining,raining, raining.

Z said...

Darling, what would I do without you?

Brom, I make the mundane seem terribly busy. It's the way a lazy person convinces people she's purposeful and gets things done.

Martina, I think I might.

Anonymous said...

Well now I know that I can just keep knitting with the new ball as if nothing had happened too.

Thank you Dandelion.

I'm still intrigued by the church intruder...will we ever know?

Yoga Gal said...

Bless you for going out on such a cold day!

Z said...

Best to do the changeover at the end of the row though.

We probably won't know.

The temperature in Norfolk went down to -9.5C, which is about 15F, earlier in the week, which is colder than we've had in this area for some years, and the temperature has hit freezing every day for over a week.

Dave said...

I was going to make some sort of witty remark about being a precurser of deflation, but I see that's already been said.

Ho hum.

Dandelion said...

Yes that's right, I would wait until the end of the row. It doesn't actually matter though, and the rest of the knitting doesn't mind at all.

You know how some people can knit patterns into things by using different colours? That is because they don't wait until the end of the row.

badgerdaddy said...


The Allotment Blogger said...

Who's Tim? I can't find him in the personaes grata list. Oh, and hello ...

Dave said...

Tim is a long-haired sheepdog. He helps out at the shop.

Z said...

According to the big book I borrowed from the library, going on to a new ball in the same colour may show in the middle of a row, whereas a different colour will be supposed to show. I don't think it would matter in a fairly chunky scarf though.

Hello, Badgerdaddy. Hello, Allotment Blogger.

Oh, Badge, the Angel has closed down. So has the T*lly Ho at M*ttIngh*m. Bearing in mind the 3 T*ns shut last year, we won't have any pubs left at this rate.

Excellent observation, Dave. Although Tim is very shorn for a long-haired sheepdog.

I have thought for a while that I should add ex-family characters to the dramatis personae, but have never got around to it.

badgerdaddy said...

I didn't know the 3 tuns had shut! Bloody hell. The Angel was pretty awful, to be fair, so that's fair enough. Shite, but fair enough.

Bloody hell, and the squeeze has barely started.