Tuesday 27 January 2009

Troubled by enthusiasm

I throw myself into things, rather. Although I was on the Finance committee at the village school, I've never been on that of the high school, but stuck with the Teaching & Learning committee and being the Special Educational Needs governor. I've done other things sometimes, but not long-term. A year and a half ago, I took on the link with Music and enjoy it so much that I've threatened a tantrum if anyone tries to take it from me. That's still all right, half a morning a week regularly and the pleasure of always going to concerts and the like.

But we were a bit short on the committee, so I said I'd take on Vocational Education and Languages. I've not been to Voc Ed yet, that's for tomorrow and Friday, but I'm getting worryingly into the languages. And today, I went to a Finance meeting for the first time, just as a guest. And I found it really interesting. I do know the terminology and what money comes in ring-fenced and for what (although you turn your back and something new happens) because of past experience which helps, but I had rather expected it to be a matter of duty rather than anything else. Fortunately, looking around, there is already a strong committee and I'm not likely to be needed. So I can just forget about it and just enjoy reading the balance sheets every so often.

Let's hope I find Voc Ed a bit dull, eh?


Anonymous said...

Voc Ed is my area. I'm sure you won't finds it dull...of course it depends what the 'voc' is I suppose. :-)

J.J said...

Think it is brilliant that you give so much time to the school. I have been a governor at my village school for nearly twelve years now - planning to step down in the summer.Mostly very rewarding - but I have NEVER got my head round the finance!

ephelba said...

Betcha don't:)

Z said...

JJ, I gave 18 years service to the village school and (somewhat concurrently) 8 years to the high school and am about to sign up for 4 more years. I'm mad. Barking. I have no excuse and no explanation.

Caitlin, that department is Travel & Tourism and Vocational Sport. We do other things too, Engineering, Car mechanics, Catering, Building (not sure if that's the official title), Hairdressing, but they aren't run by the Voc Ed dept. Since it's unlikely I'd be interested in Voc. Sport, I went to have a look at the T&T.

No, it wasn't dull (and welcome back, Ephelba, you've been missed!) though I don't think they actually need any input from me. They are doing fine already.

I'm one of those dreary people who actually knows what the Standards Fund is and how its allowed to be spent. Sorry.

Z said...

It'd be Construction, wouldn't it?

luckyzmom said...

So, z, barking mad would be a good thing then?