Monday 19 January 2009

And so does Z

i was tempted by the recommendation of Dandelion's sister to look at this site. Blimey darlings, it's gorgeous. I bought a feather and down mattress topper, a duvet cover and some pillowcases for a song. A song, I tell you. Especially when you consider their quality. When I was pregnant with Al, I had awful backache and was only comfortable lying back in a full bath of warm water, something you can only do for half an hour or so a day, and I didn't get much sleep until I put an old eiderdown underneath the sheet. That completely eased my back at night. Now, sometimes I can't lie on either side for the ache in my hips and I hope this might similarly help. It's like a thick dense duvet - you wouldn't want to sleep under it unless you'd washed your duvet late at night and there wasn't time to dry it - and I've plumped it up and put it on the bed. The paper with it explains that, having been compressed for packing, it'll take a couple of days to airify again completely, but I can't wait and it'll have to do that on the bed.

Then the Sage helped me put on the silky-smooth pure cotton duvet cover and pillowcases. He's surprisingly bad at this and takes rather a long time, but I don't mind.

I want to go to bed right now. I resisted lying down, as I wouldn't want to spoil that first happy moment when I go to bed tonight. I don't think I'll have my usual late night tonight.

But I have got a governor training session tonight. Personnel matters. Isn't that interesting? I am going to pick up another governor on the way and have Company.

Oh, the other thing that happened today is that our water softener has been mended. It filled with water and dissolved all the salt in 24 hours, to our puzzlement. Apparently, the brine valve had broken. The water pressure in this area is high and it is under constant stress. It only took a few minutes to replace - if it goes again in another 12 years we can just get them to post us a replacement and the Sage asked how much we owed. "Don't pay me, you'll get a bill in a week or so," said the helpful chappie. "It's a family firm and they prefer to do things the old way." The Sage was awfully gratified, trusted twice in two days. It used to be that his cheque book would take him anywhere. Now, he often has to take me shopping as I'm the one with the credit card. He still refuses to have either a credit or debit card.

To ensure that his happiness is complete, I have prepared dinner for him, although he has to cook it. Fillets of fish, cauliflower with a cheese sauce, sweet potato, shallots and garlic to roast in olive oil.

And tonight, we'll lie together with blissful smiles on our little faces, feeling all comfortable and snug.


Dave said...

How humble you are, z. Even though it is the start of a post, you refuse to use a capital leter to describe yourself.

Sorry. I couldn't think of anything else to say today. Still puffed out having climbed up the hill from the shops.

Z said...

A modest woman with much to be modest about.

luckyzmom said...

Sounds heavenly. You've inspired me to take my book to the bath to soak for awhile. And I intend to visit that site as soon as I publish this. Sweet dreams.

luckyzmom said...

Oops. The postage would kill me!

Dandelion said...

Mine arrived today. I haven't unpacked it yet, as I was busy all day, and then I had a visitor. So I will have to wait until tomorrow night now :-(

Anonymous said...

I almost dashed off to try and make some more money, then remembered with the current exchange rate the pillow cases would cost me about $8,000.

So I'll just window shop.

Anonymous said...

Value Blue Star from me :)

Perfect timing. I'd been halfheartedly looking for stuff but not liking the price.

I just bought enough bedlinen to keep us going for about 10 years for the price of one superking duvet cover in JL (and that wouldn't be the quality of the last ones, for sure!)

Z said...

Overseas packing is a bit of a killer for heavy stuff, sorry.

Glad the recommendation came at the right time, BW.

Dand, you'll love it. But you will get very warm, so wear your summer pjs!

Anonymous said...

Those sheets are like those nasty 'waterproof mattress covers' they have in some 'lesser residential establishments' that crinkle in the night.

They are *hell* to iron, and the creases don't come out properly, even ironed damp. And I *never* normally need to iron sheets (life's too short). Maybe tumble dried they'd be OK, but I don't have a tumble drier (and consider them too energy wasterful to ever get one).

I have a suspcion that the rest of the parcel is going back - if I can find a way to return it that doesn't cost twenty quid.

Moral: never buy linen without seeing it first. I need to remind myself that if things are cheap, there's usually a reason.

Z said...

Oh dear, I'm happy with my duvet cover. I have to say that I didn't wash it before putting it on the bed and, since I really can't be doing with ironing a king-size cover, it'll just have to be creased. I think they suggested folding it while still slightly damp and said it shouldn't need ironing then. We'll see.