Wednesday 14 January 2009

Z in the Driving Seat, except when she was Minding the Baby

I'm so glad that Tokyo Girl (now in Australia) is blogging again after a long gap. Things are not easy for her since her dismal diagnosis with MS but she is a tough young woman and her wit and personality are intact.

Today, Weeza, Zerlina and I drove to Islington. We bled radiators, found out (expensively) that the timer doesn't work on a boiler but the boiler itself does, had a drink and a very excellent cheese sandwich - no really, I don't usually eat much white bread but was tempted by the word 'crusty' and so it was, and high quality - the drink was fine too, being Adnams' best bitter. The landlord kindly bought us our drinks, which cost, with his own half pint (as were ours) nearly as much as the sandwiches - bless the man, he lost money on us today.

Oh, and Pete Postlethwaite was having a drink there too, unobtrusively in the corner.

It was foggy on the M11. It was still foggy when we drove back. Apparently, it was foggy in Norwich all day. It was sunny in Maesrae and in Islington, which is Notgnilsi backwards which is a bit tricky to write or pronounce.

So, nothing else done but drive there, through Bethnal Green and such fine places, and faff around - it was the first time I'd been there since the new tenant moved in, which was interesting, but it wouldn't be right for me to mention the decor, nor that of the downstairs tenant, though his is exceptionally lovely - have a drink and a sandwich, see the plumber, drive home and go to a churchwardens' meeting.

Zerlina was charming throughout and smiled at the barmaids and the cook, who cuddled her. She is a fine baby and her mother richly deserves her.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be a Lady Who Lunches.


Dave said...

Interesting - there was fog here first thing, but it cleared by mid-morning, and my afternoon walk was in brilliant sunshine.

Liz said...

We had opposite weather here in Suffolk on Wednesday. Clear in the morning, thick fog by tea-time.

I wish I was a lady who lunches.

mike said...

Oh, Tokyo Girl! I hadn't read her in ages, and didn't know about the health issues either. :-(

Tim Atkinson said...

You name-dropper, Z!

Pat said...

What fun to see Pete P sitting in the corner. Is his nose a glowing beacon in real life? And I wonder what he was drinking - beer or shorts - or both?
Can't help it:)

Z said...

The sun shines for you, Dave.

Liz, I had a most annoying morning printing out a whole lot of papers with a sticky printer, so I was nearly late for lunch. It took a whole plate of lasagne to calm me down. I resisted alcohol though.

I was too polite to notice the drink, but I have a feeling it was a pint. I'd not have recognised him, I don't usually stare and I am the Most Unobservant Person In The World.

She did rather drop off the blog-radar, Mike - first she wasn't finding it easy to type, then she was shocked, since she'd been on a visit to Europe. I hope she's back for good.