Tuesday 13 January 2009

Z goes to skool

Oh blimey, it's all getting too busy. I'm just keeping the plates spinning, but some of them have wobbled alarmingly once or twice and I'm having to grovel a bit because I'm not giving people as much notice of things as I'd like.

Today, I spent the first part of the morning liaising with people for a meeting on Friday, including one person who should have been included from the start but wasn't - fortunately, he's free to come to it. Then I went off for another meeting, with Dilly. I have to write up the notes for that. Then I started off to the school to get some printing done which I thought had already been done, remembered on the way that I had a hair appointment, was just in time for that, went to the school, remembered another person I should have told about the meeting as she will book the room, saw her and she did it (bless her) and came home for lunch at 2 o'clock.

Oh, as I was coming out of a side door of the school I was accosted by a charming silver-haired man who asked me where the main door was, as he'd come to pick up his grandson who was ill. I started to lead him there, but he assured me he could manage, so I pointed it out and got in my car. As I drove away, I saw him walk past the door and carry on down the path the wrong way. I drove to the other end of the path, headed him off and took him to the office, chatting in my best PAish sort of manner. I introduced him to the office staff and turned to go, he thanked me and I was quite surprised to be warmly kissed on the cheek. Isn't that nice?

Anyway, I scrambled eggs, took a lovely shiny plate from the dishwasher (I'd become accustomed to having to check everything carefully in case it hadn't been washed properly) and brought lunch in. I ate it and read a couple of blogs. Yes, I eat in front of the computer. I know, you wouldn't think it to look at me, would you?

The phone rang and the Sage picked up. "Oh, she went out, I'm not sure if she's back yet," he said. I wondered why someone was ringing here for Dilly. "She went to the High School, maybe you'll find her around" he carried on. "Hang on, I'm here!" said I. It was a school staff member, needing to arrange another meeting. She and I giggled about the Sage's inattention - he and I had had a conversation while I was cooking my lunch and he was sitting in a chair 3 or 4 yards from me and right opposite.

Anyway, the Sage, for he's a darling really, has taken my car to fill it with petrol and check the tyres ready for my drive to the Big City, or at least the N1 part of it, tomorrow.


Dave said...

You must be busy if you have to take the dog to meetings.

Z said...

She's very useful and willing, Dave. I wouldn't be without her.

The Preacherman said...

she can growl at anyone who disagrees with you ;-)

Slow down a bit! Tired me out reading that.

Z said...

If it were a paid job, I'd not even mention it would i? It's because it's several unpaid ones.

Anonymous said...

My plates keep crashing to the ground - and I do have a paid job. Perhaps it is because of that; I can't be expected to keep on top of everything at my age can I? At least I have just sorted out the youngest's work experience (she wouldn't do it). Now I just have to beat her into doing her textiles homework (that is sewing to adults).

I think the Sage and I have a lot in common - according to the kids I rarely notice what is going on under my nose.

Z said...

Having a teenage daughter almost broke me, and you've got two of them. As well as the rest. Just keep going until you're so tired you have to sleep and you'll get through it somehow.

I wonder if your girls notice when the washing up or the hoovering need to be done? But be reassured, they are wonderful when they grow up, and your best friends.

Anonymous said...

Will the Sage notice when you have gone to London? Send me some postcards if you go to galleries please!

Z said...

He'll miss me frightfully. It's in the contract.

It's only a short business visit this time and we'll have the baby with us so I'm afraid we won't be visiting any galleries this time. I'm planning to go to the Byzantium and Palladio exhibitions at the Royal Academy, but that trip isn't until March. You're right though, time I got a bit of *culture* in.

Anonymous said...

They rarely notice Z - though Lenin has tidied up a couple of times when one of her friends was coming round. Presumably this was caused by hame at the state of our pig sty - though it is her and her sister who cause all the mess. I gave up some time ago and indulge myself in pleasant day dream of how nice my home will be when they have moved out! Plus the occasional revenge dream - about leaving mugs and plates hidden under their cushions when I visit their homes - you know the kind of thing!