Tuesday 14 October 2008

Edward Carrot Hands

Oh, before I forget, the list of apple and pear varieties

Pear -
Doyenne de Comice

Apple -
Early Wilson
Rev Wilkes
Cox's Orange Pippin
Norfolk Royal
Worcester Pearmain
Charles Ross
Suffolk Pink
Howgate Wonder
Laxton Epire
James Greave
Granny Smith
Ida Red
*unknown variety, grown in customer's garden*

I was a bit late in this morning, as the envelope I'd thought contained my papers for this afternoon's meeting didn't and it took me ten minutes to find it. Well, to be strictly accurate, the Sage finally found it. But Eileen had done what she could, which was a great deal but didn't include putting up the shelves as she's several inches shorter than I am and it's all a stretch for me.

In the afternoon, the chairman and vice-chairman were re-elected. This could have been worse; I could have been *promoted*.

Tim was absolutely lovely and got in everything while I counted the (meagre) takings. Half yesterday's - but yesterday was a good day. It balances.

Ro came in and asked if he could help with dinner? "Ten minutes late?" he wondered. But no, I found him a job preparing carrots. He wondered whether to prepare the whole bunch. I pondered. "I'll eat three" I said, "do what you think for Dad and yourself, oh and I'll eat a couple more while dinner's cooking. Would you like some cheese on a corn cake, I've just had some?" "Oh, it wouldn't be fair to tempt you." "That's all right, I won't be tempted. I'll have carrots." So he prepared the carrots for me and I prepared the cheese for him and poured us each a glass of wine. But I was greedy. I didn't stop at two or three raw carrots (he'd done the whole bunch after all).

When I turned round, he snorted with laughter. "It is a bit Edward Carrot Hands, isn't it?" I admitted. "That's what I was thinking, you're holding those carrots out like fingers.

Al is a little better now, but still feels a bit woozy, not surprisingly as he hasn't eaten for a couple of days. I have offered to go in in the morning and he can see how he feels and maybe come in later to work. If he were employed, he'd certainly take the rest of the week off, but the self-employed don't have that luxury. On the other hand, they are their own masters, and that's worth more if that's what you value.


luckyzmom said...

Hope Al bounces back quickly.

I would love to be able to sample all those apple varieties. The differences are fascinating to me.

No wonder you have such a beautiful eye:0)

Dandelion said...

Dearest z, please please please go here or somewhere like it. Anyone would think you'd gone ginger.

Dandelion said...

I had to put my sunglasses on to read this post :-)

Dave said...

Not sure about the carrot-coloured background, however topical.

Z said...

Pity. I quite liked that one. No time to look, I'm off to work.

badgerdaddy said...

I love a good russet. Great apples. No doubt if I were there, I'd be buying ten a day.

I'm ill too. It sucks.

Dandelion said...

"Topical", dave? I thought it was positively tropical! I was ready to crack open the Lilt.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful variety of fruit! I read a book a few years ago about how many of the English apple varietals were dying out. Cheers to Al (and his customers) for supporting the non hybrids!

You know, it's true that self-employed people don't have as much freedom to take time off as office employees (I can't remember the last vacation I tool without bringing some editing!). On the other hand, here in the US one only gets 5 (if your boss is generous) days off for illness. So many American workers go to work sick (and hence, get everyone else sick, too) because they can't take any more time off. If you have sick kids, and you need to stay home, that counts as one of your sick days, too.

Anyway, hope Al feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit there were quite a few varieties I'd never heard of. Bramleys are the ones I really miss here in France. They don't seem to grow a really good cooking apple. When I asked about the possibility of bringing an apple tree over I was met with complete horror. The chap even told me how they were forced to refuse a gift of a tree from Norway because of regulations. How ridiculous!

Dandelion said...

Why not plant your own, sab? I mean, it wouldn't be your fault if it grew, would it?

Z said...

I liked it :-( I like tropical. Sorry you're ill though Badg.

Sick leave is altogether more generous here as you probably know, Imp. Indeed, most schools (for a start, they're all I know about) insure against long-term illness among the staff.

Do you mean plant a pip, Dand? It would take an awfully long time to grow, even if Bramleys grow true to seed. A young tree could be smuggled in, but it'd still take a few years to fruit. I think we should all come and visit with a few pounds of apples in our suitcases, to keep you going through the winter.

I think I'll look for a brighter colour. Orange is a bit dull.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Urgh, bloody hell, can't you have a white background, please? I couldn't read this, sorry.

Z said...

I'm looking for the worst colour of all./ I think I might have found it!

Dandelion said...

Yes, I do mean a pip. I think we've all become spoiled and impatient in these days of instant gratification. We wouldn't have won the war with that attitude. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned patience?