Sunday 12 October 2008

Z bids

Have you heard about this? I wouldn't have if it were not for the fine blog of Stephen Collins, who is a most excellent cartoonist and who kindly sent me a Christmas card of one of his cartoons last year because he offered to, via the blog and I boldly said 'yes please'.

I'm putting in a few bids, it's for a very good cause and there are no extra costs - the envelope comes mounted and framed and postage is free, and all money bid is going to the charity.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

Credit crunch? Forget that, there's envelopes to be bought!

I hope you get the lots you're after Z, this sort of thing fits perfectly into the house we imagine you live in.

p.s. are you coming to King's Lynn for chips and gravy this week?

Z said...

But darling, they are an investment. And it's for a good cause. I probably will be outbid anyway, but in an auction the underbidder is as valuable (to the vendor and the auctioneer) as the winning bidder.

I wonder what sort of house you think I live in?

Not until you're over that awful cold, and not this week as it's our auction on Friday and I haven't got a free day.