Sunday 26 October 2008

Z prepares to annoy a shop assistant

Ethan is out of special care and doing quite well, considering all. As I said on Friday, he was born with one kidney - the problem with the other one was that it was greatly enlarged, to the extent that the doctors were afraid that it would cease functioning, but this has not happened and he is better. They are doing tests to find out the extent of his physical disabilities and the mental ones will become apparent in due course. This is the syndrome he has been born with - his mother has it and her second child (of four) died from it. Her parents are lovely people who have helped her to be as well and capable as possible and they, like us, were none too pleased that her partner, caring as he is in many ways, put having a large family ahead of her or her babies' health. However, he's born now and she can't have any more, to her parents' relief.

The first rain for ages, today. I need to buy some new boots. My red boots, that I loved, finally fell apart last winter after five years of stalwart service. I'm going to have to be careful as I'm finding comfortable shoes quite difficult to find. It's not the fit but that some shoes that seem fine for the first few minutes make me limp badly after that. Low heels can be worse than high. I haven't worked out quite what the problem is. Today, the narrow 2" heels and pointed toes were fine, the 1" broad heels and rounded toes of yesterday's court shoes weren't, the 1" walking shoes of Friday were very comfortable. I suppose it's the part of my foot that takes the weight. Shoe shops, with their carpeted floors, don't test comfort enough and I've often made mistakes. I suppose I'll have to allow plenty of time and just explain to the assistant that I'll need to stroll around the shop for ten minutes or so.


ephelba said...

They thought my Bean had that when she was born. We'll keep our fingers crossed for him:)

Z said...

I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it was only fully recognised as a syndrome with all its various possible symptoms within the last 15 years.

luckyzmom said...

I too had never heard of it before. Happy to hear he's doing well.

Since the pain associated with the oesteoarthritis in my hip I have worn Crocs almost exclusively. If I have to wear dress shoes, my Crocs are nearby. It is the cushioning that is important.

Z said...

Um. Can't quite do it, I'm afraid. Too vain! Thing is, I'm short and stubby enough already and they'd make me look more so. If it comes to it, I'd rather wear trainers.