Tuesday 21 October 2008

Z forgets what she meant to call this post

Today's lecture was about German expressionism. It was a subject I knew virtually nothing about beforehand, though I did know some of the pictures illustrated, but I know a little more now and I gave an appreciative (deservedly so) vote of thanks using an interpretation of what I'd learned. Winging it a bit, admittedly.

I was chatting to Georgie afterwards, who works there, though won't for much longer. I told a friend the circumstances of her gaining her new job. "She was headhunted - the hotel where she had her wedding was so struck by her that the owner contacted her afterwards and offered her a job." Pretty impressive, I think. I told Georgie that I'd tell people that a friend of mine had been headhunted at her wedding --- and now I have.

Then I went to spend a couple of hours baby-cuddling. Zerlina is much happier this week - she had some vaccinations last week and was not quite her sunny self for a few days afterwards. Today, she lay on my lap for quite some time, looking at a book. It's a Ladybird book - this one. She really looks at it and enjoys it, concentrating for quite some time. When I put it down for a few minutes to eat lunch, she was not pleased and I had to pick it up again. I've had decades of experience in eating while looking after a baby so holding it up for her didn't stop me. She fell asleep in the end, so I felt I'd done my grandmotherly duty. I'm going over again tomorrow and we're going Shopping! Granny's treat.

Tonight, I was pouring myself a glass of wine and offered one to Ro. He decided against. I did some little bits of cheese on corn cakes and took them through to the drawing room as a pre-prandial snack (yeah, I allow for it in the rest of the food I eat, I'm still losing weight), taking 3 for me and leaving the other 5 for him. I don't eat much cheese now, so what I have is flavoursome and delicious for maximum impact. This week, I've bought a blue goat cheese and a blue sheep cheese (the cheese is blue, not the animal *sigh*) and the piece I cut of sheep cheese was the larger, so was on 6 of the bits of corn cake. After a few minutes, Ro coughed. "I shouldn't have had the stronger cheese last. I think I need a glass of wine to take away the cheesy hit." I poured a glass. Later, I offered him more. "Ooh, all right then, this is nice. Just half a glass."

Oh, by the way, today I had some of that new drizzly Marmite. Sure you don't need butter any more, but where is the flavour? In a blindfold taste test, I wouldn't have known it was Marmite.

Also by the way, I gave a plug for our study day on the rise of modern art. When I looked out to the foyer afterwards, there was a small queue of people buying tickets. Hah.


Dave said...

No-one's writen a review of that book yet. Is it because the plot is a bit dense, or what?

Z said...

Dear heart, Zerlina is 2 months old. She cannot write.

Barry Teeth, Beet Poet said...

Cheese is a suspicious French fancy if you ask me.

Z said...

Ribblesdale goat cheese, Barry and I can't remember the provenance of the ewe's milk cheese, but it's certainly English.

Don't you care for a French fancy then?

Dandelion said...

And still no pervy pictures.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of using cheese as an excuse to drink wine. I've now noted that in my little book.

Is it going too far to use it after my cheese and pickle sandwich at lunch time?

badgerdaddy said...

By 'drizzly', do you mean the stuff in the squeezy bottle?

Z said...

Oh Dandy, I forgot again. Sorry.

Usefully, wine is also an excuse to eat cheese. Win win, I'd say. Cheese and pickle sandwich is a good enough reason to drink beer, but I don't see why wine wouldn't work.

Badge, yes.

Fluffy Pink Duck said...

Cheese on corn cakes sound nice is there a recipe floating out there?

I've not seen the new marmite, but surely half the fun of marmite is accurately judging how much to put on the tip of your knife to ensure that it's not spread too thickly on the toast. My husband always puts too much on for my liking.

ooh btw I've moved blogs

Anonymous said...

'blue sheep' *giggles*

Z said...

Sorry Jane, it's not as interesting as it sounds. Corn cakes are like rice cakes only made of maize (obtainable from wholefood shops) and look like squashed popcorn and taste like lightly salted popcorn. I like them because I like salty popcorn.

I'm training myself to like Marmite on unbuttered toast, so I'm sure I'd appreciate Simon's thickly spreaded version. And congratulation, that's wonderful news. Jane is expecting her first baby, everyone!

Ad ... oh okay, heh heh, that is what I said.

Z said...

Spreaded? *hangs head*