Wednesday 8 October 2008


It is so interesting, observing a baby. Zerlina was 7 weeks old on Monday (if only I could be arsed to label posts, I'd be able to track this and look back, but I really can't be bothered after all this time) and today I was left in charge for a while because her mother had an appointment.

She'd just been fed, but was a little windy, so I held her on my shoulder while she waited for some relieving burps. After they had happened, I put her on my lap and talked to her and smiled, and she smiled back and replied. That is, the sounds she made responded to my voice and, to a degree, mirrored it.

When I'd arrived, she was asleep and Weeza, who was holding her, gave her to me while she got ready to go out. After a while, Zerlina woke. She gave such a double-take on discovering she was lying on me and not her mother as she expected. Her bottom lip stuck out and wobbled, though she didn't cry.

These changes have happened in a week. I hadn't expected to be responded to so early, which shows how soon one forgets.

She is now 8 pounds, 8 and 1/2 ounces. Still, at nearly 2 months old, not the birthweight of Phil and Lisa's baby, but she's outgrown her first lot of tiny clothes, bought hastily by her other granny and is growing steadily, and feeding and sleeping well.

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