Monday 25 June 2007

Z drinks

I just left a frightfully drunken-sounding comment on Badgerdaddy's blog. Heh heh. Well...

Yesterday afternoon, I was really tired. I hadn't slept much all week, but that wasn't all of it - I think it was the damp and dismal weather. I thought longingly of hot buttered scones and a nice log fire. I allowed my little darling to cook me lunch, and reclined on the sofa with the Sunday papers, with the purpose of having a long nap. I slept. Five minutes later, I woke, to my great disappointment - my mind thought it was the mid-week power nap, not the weekend zizz.

I did feel better, but not that energetic. Today, I was woken at 4.45 by cats and dogs streaming down from the sky and piddling through the open window. I got up (I later found that the Sage had gone on a similar errand at 3.30) to check that water wasn't also leaking through the unopened windows. Several bits of roof slope towards the study and the gutters can be overwhelmed. There was a little water, which I mopped up, and then I made lots of toast and ate it with lots of tea.

Since then, it has stopped raining, the sun has been shining and I am all twitchy and energetic. I was also hungry by noon. Mm, snacks...

I got out a packet of salted peanuts. Unwisely, I checked the calories. *sigh* return to cupboard. Pretzels! They're low fat! Check the label. Fuck me, more calories per 100g than the peanuts - how can that be? Muesli bars, gummi bears, double chocolate chip muffins ... okay, maybe I was pushing my luck there. Darlings, I ate none of them. I picked a cucumber and three tomatoes and made a butterless sandwich. And used the saved calories on the last of a bottle of white wine which happened to be in the fridge (which didn't fill a standard glass).

Then I drank it. Then I poured the last of last night's bottle of red, which I had shared with Ro (which did). Then I left that comment.

That's the thing to do with surplus energy. Sit down until it goes away. I feel quite pleasantly relaxed now. Still a bit frisky, but unfortunately the Sage is visiting the dentist this afternoon, in Norwich, so I should be doing the ironing or something to use the surplus energy.

Well, there's always Wimbledon.

Ah. It's raining at Wimbledon.


Update - 1.45 - would you believe it? We have hailstones! Yes, dudes (heh heh, Jen, that's your influence), Norfolk has sleet in Flaming June!


badgerdaddy said...

I'm drinking tea (redbush) and listening to The Archers. And avoiding work, one week after deadline.

Hmmmm. I want wine too.

Monozygote said...

Oh z I love this post,it's perked me right up. I think it was the pretzels fuck-me that did it.

And I've just missed the bloomin' archers! Anything new on the Brian and Jennifer situation, badge?

Z said...

Mm, I've got some nice redbush tea in the cupboard too. *fetches it out. Puts the kettle on* hey, it says here it's been 'revered for centuries'. Revered! Gosh!

Sorry, Badge (nice one, D), I've drunk all the wine.

Dandelion, glad to oblige. Brian is in Ireland right now fetching Ruauauari. Alice is still stropping and Jennifer is being very holy. The village lost, by one run, a most peculiar cricket match, which sounded straight out of a West Indian test series, roars and shrieks included. There is a hint that Alice is going to bugger off in the style of Kate.

I wonder how the village will react to the arrival of Ruauauri?

badgerdaddy said...

I've got about four kilos of redbush here at the moment... It's Dragonfly organic stuff, really lovely too.

Thank goodness you did the Archers update, I'm so out of touch with Ambridge. Am struggling with character names big time at the moment as well.

Did you hear the radio 4 documentary about tea yesterday? It was really good.

From there you can 'listen again', link on the right. 45 seconds of trail for a later show, but after that it's all Chinese tea tea tea and it's fascinating.

Ruauauri reads like a dinosaur's expression of pain.

Z said...

I haven't come across that one. Mine is made by the Redbush Tea Company, quirkily enough.

I will listen to the programme tomorrow, for I have to go and do some work.

Sadly, I still reminisce about the happy days of Walter Gabriel, Jethro Larkin and Aunt Laura. I miss Nelson and Colonel Danby. Is it time I quit this dismal addiction?

Monozygote said...

Well, he is Siobhan's child. I feel rather sad that she's dead really. Personally, I reminisce about the days of Mr Woolly, and the post-office hold-up.

Monozygote said...

ps I love the original title for this post. Just noticed it on my way out.

Z said...

So does he, I should think, he rather lives in the past these days!

I think I forgot to put a title and had to do it later. What was it? - 'I just left'? I should have left it shouldn't I.

I really am leaving now, Dilly and I are having a girls' night out.

Pat said...

Sonetimes you have to forget about calories and think of health and well being. With that maxim I have a small dish of brazils, walnuts and almonds and hazelnuts - all unsalted and three lucious dried apricots with a glass of wine before supper/dinner.

Z said...

I usually have stocks of nice healthy snacks in, Pat, for Ro's packed lunch, but I haven't visited the wholefood shop where I stock up recently, even though it's the first shop I pass on my way into town.

I usually eat raw vegetables as a snack. Or olives.