Friday 8 June 2007

The Sage is entering his Prime

I'm not sure whether to carry on with the family story. Up til now, I've been writing down what I remember my mother telling me, but from here on it would be bound to become my own recollections, and I never intended it to be about me.

Today, I woke just after 5.30 and lay listening to the rain for a while. Since then the thunder has rolled around gently and i've lost my internet connection intermittently, although there hasn't been a power cut. Al ordered a lot of strawberries for today, let's hope they were picked last evening.

I was pleased to find, on Amazon, a book for the Sage's birthday, which is next weekend. He usually ignores his birthday, more or less - he's never let me do a party, not even for significant numerals. This year's isn't even that: indeed for the next three months we will both be prime numbers.

It's still raining. We are to expect 2 inches, or 5 centimetres, today. This sounds quite a lot. East Angular gardeners don't complain about rain though. Especially if they garden on sandy gravel.


The Boy said...

I'm the same, birthdays have no meaning and I rather dislike big parties. A good book though, that's a find!

Z said...

I threw myself a 40th birthday party, but I've let them wash over me since. Not that I mind being pampered by my family in the least.

Anonymous said...

Im having a "special" birthday next Monday. All I want is a bouquet from my fella and cards from other loved ones. I'd much rather get an unexpected gift on a nothing special day than on a birthday. Happy birthday to Mr. Sage.

Z said...

You're right, the 'no particular reason' present is the best surprise of all.

Happy special birthday for Monday!