Saturday 23 June 2007

Pouring cold water gently down the stream

Dilly hadn't mentioned it before, but their boiler has been out of action for several days and they have had no hot water. The plumber came this morning to check it. I had already said I'd take the children for a couple of hours so that she could catch up on housework.

After a while, Squiffany bumped her head and cried - she wasn't really hurt, but was inconsolably 'I want my mummy'. So I rang her, for over-the-phone comfort. Dilly said, gloomily, that a new part is needed for the boiler that will take a few days to arrive.

Upshot was, she was on the doorstep a few minutes later, clutching shampoo and towel and spent a happy half hour having a good hot bath.

I'm not sure if I ever told you Squiffany's first words. Not the traditional "mama", "dada" or "good Lord, is that a third glass of wine in your hand, Granny?". No, they were "oh dear." Her mother was quite taken aback, to think how often she must have said it. For the past week or two, Pugsley has been saying his first deliberate words too. "Row, row." As in 'row the boat, gently down the stream.'

Squiffany has also been learning letters. She can write T for Squiffany, M for Pugsley and (I'm told but haven't seen) E for Ellie. She is very proud of herself.


The Boy said...

As, I'm sure, is granny.

Nothing like those little milestones to swell the heart.

Z said...

I have a photo of her when she was just learning to walk and was toddling, unaided, between her mother and father. Her face is alight with joy. Yes, me too.