Wednesday 13 June 2007

Sausages or a seaside golf course?

I refer to links, as you will have guessed.

I decided not to link quite early. How should I choose with whom to link? There seemed to be several options. I could put a link to everyone I read, if only once in a while, or just favourites, whom I never miss. If I linked only to friends who comment, regularly or occasionally, or places I leave comments, I could feel that I was excluding people who happen to drop in, or rarely comment at all.

I remember, when I started reading blogs, it was some time before I made comments - I felt that I was intruding into a society I knew nothing about, and I wasn't sure of the etiquette, nor if a 'new girl' might be thought a bit pushy to join in conversations, let alone link to a well-known blogger. Now, of course, I know that the blogging community - or this area of it at any rate - is the most friendly society imaginable, that most of us love to receive comments and many of us don't mind being disagreed with, that we genuinely care about each other and offer advice and support - even going to considerable trouble to look up information, if that might help a virtual friend.

I think most of you have found this too, and maybe it was as unexpected to you as it was to me. And I have, several times, re-examined my choice not to link. But, now I've left it so long, it would seem significant to make a selection and what if I left someone out?

I know, I worry too much. For myself, I feel complimented if I notice that someone has linked to me, but I don't feel hurt if they haven't, so I'm not sure why I think it matters.

I do, however, quite often put in a link within a post. I refer to friends by their blog name - sometimes I rather assume that you'll know whom I'm talking about, especially if they do comment regularly or I know you read them, so don't bother to link, but I suppose I should be more doesn't take much effort to look up a URL. I think I always acknowledge a referral to a site, and link to someone who has tagged me when I complete a meme.

And if you have put a link to me, thank you very much and I do appreciate it. And I am not leaving you out at all - I appreciate every one of you and, if I did link, you'd be there on the sidebar.

This post was prompted by a gentle tease from the topping Boy.


The Boy said...

Ah Z, you are lovely! Inclusion of everyone through exclusion of everyone! I love it, and it is a sound sensible choice.

Z said...

I knew you'd understand