Sunday 10 June 2007

Good morning?

It didn't feel like one at 1 o'clock when, having just switched the light off, I remembered it was the week of the 8 a.m. service, when I, being sidesman, need to arrive at 7.30. With an apology to the Sage, I switched the light back on and altered the alarm clock.

So the day restarted at 6.30. Two people arrived for the service (sidesman, read both lessons too), as well as Revd Sue. "Did you find my message on your answering machine last night?" she asked. I admitted that when I got in at 11, I hadn't listened to it. She was sorry to have to ask, but could I play the clarinet for the baptism at 12.30 please? Yes, I could.

Home at 9, breakfast and a look at the paper, back to church at 10, service at 11 (played the organ), service at 12.30 - can't complain, because Sue fitted in a 9.30 service in another parish. And she's a non-stipendiary (that means unpaid) member of the clergy, so she's not even doing what she's paid to.

Yes, barking mad. All of us.

Oh, did I mention the funeral service that she took and I played for, on Friday?

This afternoon, I will do bugger all. And I might just swear a lot. At present, the halo is shining a bit too bright and I'm even boring myself.


Pat said...

You are a pillar of the community - in a good way. Further to chat on another blog; do you read the Bible regularly? it's something i keep meaning to do and think I should buy one with larger print. They were talking about James who seemed to suggest that there is comfort in praising the Lord when life sucks. I wonder if you have any thoughts? Or not. I do spend a certain amount of time each day in prayer which is more like a litany I suppose. Gosh it's hot! I think maybe you don't have this glorious sunshine.

Girlplustwo said...

you are an angel, a rock in the community. the shoulder to many.

how am i doing?

seriously, of course you are. did you bring a flask though? tell the truth. xo

Z said...

Thank you Pat, but I'm aware that doesn't make me an interesting person! One of the things I regret about my busy Sundays now is that I don't get to the pub any more. I always felt that standing clutching my beer and chuckling at off-colour jokes was my Christian statement...

I wrote a vastly long reply, which is too long for a comment and might make it to a post, if it becomes coherent enough. I don't read the Bible daily, but I talk to God (don't know at what point this becomes prayer). I think that saying, regularly, that I accept willingly what life brings, however tough it is, helps me to cope. I also focus on people...I say I'm putting them under my protective thoughts because 'praying' sounds a bit intense!

No sun here, dull all day - not cold, not warm.

Z said...

Jen, I am here to be teased, absolutely. And thank you for being so tolerant of my whinging.

The first thing I did when I arrived was fill the kettle and get out the coffee. And the tin of biscuits. We've a well equipped kitchen and serve proper coffee every week - before and after the service if anyone wants it. As my fellow-churchwarden-Dave (aka the Fellow) says, "good coffee is part of Mission". Our pet hate is weak, cheap instant coffee served in drab church halls.

The Boy said...

Which is just as bad as weak builders tea. Praising the Lord means being awake my father used to say. He always made sure his services had good coffee and tea...

Yes, talking to God constitutes prayer. I always remember a conversation with a Jesuit friend of my dad who said the best prayer was on your feet, in the open, eyes wide and looking up. We're not designed to be humble