Thursday 28 February 2013

Tentative cheer and huzzah for friendship

Things are a bit better today - that is, I took Gill to see Andy and he's a lot better.  Fortunately, his vasculitis has not flared up and the chest infection is responding to antibiotics and he was able to chat to us.  And the little boy is responding to treatment too.  Because I took Gill, I didn't see my friend in Norwich (Andy is in Gallstone Hospital) but will try to call in tomorrow.

This morning, I met a friend for coffee and we chewed the fat for nearly two hours.  I come to value my women friends more and more - I always have of course, but I've always been reticent and self-sufficient for most of my life.  When a group of friends got together to dish the dirt, talk frankly about their lives and so on, I was the quiet one, and I didn't search out a confidante either.  But over the past few years I've changed a fair bit, realised that being reticent can look like being unfriendly and being incurious can look as if I don't care.  So I've become increasingly open, both to speak and to listen, and the kindness and love that I've often felt has been incalculable.  M and I talked and later G and I talked, nothing startling but in both cases mutually supportive.

And while I'm being soppy (I'm not really, I'm quite chipper tonight), thank you too, those who are so often absolutely lovely to me.  I do appreciate it.


janerowena said...

Support from friends is wonderful. I think sometimes it is more objective than support from family. We took my son away for a longish break last week so that he could go for an interview, and I came back feeling very empty-nestish and quite low, having seen my baby go off in his suit and shiny shoes. My friends were wonderful, my family seemed to think I was mad and should be pleased that the last of them was about to be off my hands. I have been wanting to ask how you are feeling now that your house is empty again. No matter how busy you are it must feel strange. And how is the Sage?

Yoga Gal said...

My prayers are with you!

Roses said...

I'm glad Andy is doing better honey. I know how worried you've been for him.

Hugs and hugs to you my darling.

You know where I am!


Unknown said...

I try to be nice to you when we play Scrabble!!

Z said...

Well, none of the children has actually lived here for quite some time, it's just that Al and his family have been next door. And even Elle came and went, so it's not that different really. At this time of the year we don't heat the whole house, but it'll seem very big in the summer - but we like having plenty of space. In short, we came to terms with the children leaving a long time ago, the youngest is now 28.

Thank you, YG.

Yes, it could have been disastrous. But we're reassured now, though he has to take care. And thanks xxx

John, you're so good to me.

mig said...

Friends are so precious.

I'm so glad your friend is doing better - and the little boy.