Wednesday 20 February 2013

Today's quick fiver

Busy today, so five things -

1 We got up late so had to scramble to be ready to leave the house before ten for our meeting with the accountant, but arrived with two minutes to spare

1 We had a very useful meeting and have made constructive plans for our financial future

3 I went to fill the car and stopped at precisely £50, as intended

4 I cooked bacon, egg and tomato for lunch

5 The fire is drawing really well today, there's a log blazing splendidly in the grate

Sounds as if it's been a good day so far - and yes, it has.


Rog said...

No time 2 lose?

Unknown said...

Lunch sounds great!!

Z said...

I should have said the fire was in the gr8, shouldn't I?

Can't beat an English breakfast, any time of day!