Monday 25 February 2013

Take five

Five things

1 Ben barked at 4 am.  I came down and let him out, he lifted his leg against a tree for some time, so needed to go.  However, when he barked again at 7 and I came down again (I'd still been awake at 6, and hadn't slept at all until after 2), he just wanted to play.  The Sage slept through it all.

2 I cooked him* a massive marrow bone on Saturday, gave it to him today and he was thrilled with it and spent a long time gnawing it out in the passageway.  The carpet out there is now rather greasy, but it's nasty old carpet tiles, only still there because they are so easy to lift and wash.  Ten years ago, my mother couldn't understand why I didn't get something better, but they're dirt-coloured and so useful.

3 The Sage has started buying me flowers.  It's been tulips the last couple of weeks and today he brought carnations, freesias and pink roses.  Very charming of him, but quite disconcerting after all these years.

4 I opened a bottle of red wine which had lost its label.  I found that the cork was marked La Croix St André Lalande-de-Pomerol 1979.  It is delicious.  Just as well I hadn't realised, I'd have saved it for a special occasion which might never arise.

5 I made soup of onion, celery and potato flavoured with cumin seeds, cooked in vegetable stock and milk.  It was very good.  And we had sausages too.  We'd had bacon and eggs for lunch, I'm going for lot of walks and am permanently cold as a result.

*Ben, not the Sage


Roses said...

When I was married and in subsequent relationships, I was the one who got up to see what all the fuss was about.

As a new-mother it meant I elbowed said husband to get up and see to Boy. So I was still wide awake.

I'm going to eat with you. Just the kind of food I need at the moment. Hearty to combat this ongoing cold, grey and damp.

Yoga Gal said...

Sounds like you had a great day!'

Unknown said...

*I did wonder! xx

Z said...

The Sage used to be brilliant about getting up when a child was ill. Don't think I'd rely on him nowadays though.

It was pretty good, YG, I have to say.

I knew someone would, probably you or Rog!

janerowena said...

I don't suppose you could use a dog flap? I suspect Ben would wander, though maybe not, after a few weeks of being with you.

I think the Sage buys you flowers so that you won't throw him any more marrowbones to eat on the carpet.

mig said...

That soup sounds wonderful. You deserve the flowers. And the wine, that sounds pretty good too.

Z said...

When I have a dog of my own, I'll teach it to know the boundaries so that it can be let out. I have let Ben out a couple of times, with me watching and he's been okay, but once when I let him trot down the drive after a walk without a lead, he became extremely interested in the chickens - I daren't risk it.

Marrowbones are a huge treat, the flowers are probably a reward.

I'm rationing myself to a glass of wine a night, it's far too good to glug!