Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fwd: If a lady merely glows, Z is no lady

> The massage and pedicure were very good indeed. Parts of the pedicure were almost unbearably ticklish, true, but I managed, just, not to snatch my foot away. I have to admit, I kept my pants on for the massage (in an underwear sense, darlings, knickers, I wasn't wearing trousers) because when I've had a massage before I've always been provided with a towel for modesty, however scant but wasn't this time.
> We were just arriving when we received a text from Nandini, anxiously warning is not to go to the seafront because of the tsunami warning. Concern abated later of course, but apparently people in Chennai did feel tremors so it's not surprising they were worried.
> Today we went on an organised tour. I've done that a few times before and they were always very good, but this has been a touch disappointing. There's the usual round of temples and so on, but not much more. Pondicherry museum has some nice bronzes, some French furniture left by a past governor and, most interestingly, some pieces of china and so on that were brought over a couple of thousand years ago by the Romans, who traded at a town (which no longer exists) not too far from Pondicherry. Such artefacts haven't been found anywhere else in India.
> The afternoon part of the tour involves a walk of a kilometre to something or other. Probably a temple. Wink and I opted out. With her damaged tendon and this heat, walking two kms is not something that appealed to her and nor did it to me. I'm sweltering on the bus instead. I nearly fell asleep, but a trickle of sweat down by back and into my knickers (a different pair, of course) woke me up.
> I had meant to write again last night, but I wasn't able to log on. Marina had the same problem though Maja was okay. Quite odd. I had a couple of replies to emails written and couldn't send them off until this morning after breakfast.
> This is our last night in Pondy. Tomorrow morning, we have a car booked and will drop off the girls at their next overnight stop and then continue on to Vellore. I'm afraid, for those of you hoping I'll come back with fabulous textiles, that I won't. It's too hot to want to shop and I haven't enough knowledge of handicrafts to know what to buy anyway. I've a funny feeling that souvenirs for the children will be bought at the airport. We'll have plenty of time to wait for our 5.30 am flight.
> And now we are back at the hotel, having been kindly dropped off, rather than been taken back to the bus stop. And we are having a long cold drink. Lemonade, dear friends, lemonade.
> Zoë
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haricot said...

A touch of disappointing happends on organized trip, though you seem to have had a nice time in musiam and so on. Have a good trip ahead.

Blue Witch said...

I was once told that you should always keep your knickers on for a massage, as, if you don't, in certain parts of the world (and with masseurs from those parts working elsewhere) it means you're wanting more. When in Thailand I kept my pants on and the young girl even then was rather more intimate than I cared for...

Sounds like you've had a busy time! Enjoy the remainder of your stay.

Unknown said...

Enjoy, but what's with the >'s!

Roses said...

I always keep my pants on for a massage...though the bra comes off. My problem is I start stripping the moment I get into the massage room. They like to leave you to undress and I'm like 'I want as long as possible on the couch!'

I did think of you when I'd heard there was a tsunami warning

Z said...

Well, now I can't quite remember what I've done before. I haven't had a whole-body massage for quite a while.

John, I accidentally emailed the post to myself instead of blogger and had to forward it. That's why the formatting is a bit out. Sorry.

I don't know where we will be staying the next couple of nights as we didn't book it, so no idea if there's wifi. If you don't hear from me over the weekend, that's why (fi).