Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Z is a Good Mother

I haven't got around to looking out any more photos yet, sorry.  I spent the day with Weeza and the children.  There was a phone call around 10.30, with Weeza wondering if I happened to be free...? Gus had a stomach bug and there was a lot of washing to be done as a consequence and Zerlina, who was quite well, to be looked after.  I gave apologies for my meeting and hot-footed over to them.

Babies can recover remarkably quickly and he seemed to be over the worst by the time I left this afternoon.  We're hoping no one else catches it.  I'll make sure I keep a decent level of alcohol intake over the next few days, believing that to be the surest protection against pretty well all germs.

A friend came to dinner tonight, being down from Aberdeen on business.  A relaxed and cheerful evening, he was good company.

That's about it, it seems.  I haven't done anything else.  And it rained most of the day.  


Jill of All Trades said...

Ha! Good Mother indeed! You did mean the alcohol is for you, yes?

Tim said...

Good policy. The only stomach upset I've had in decades, a couple of years ago, was definitely caused by alcohol deficiency.

Z said...

Yes, Jill, I certainly did. I've hardly had a cold all winter, the whole family was ill with a nasty coughing bug a couple of months ago and only the Sage and I escaped - well, and Squiffany, though she's not old enough for alcohol. But there's always an exception.

I've got in plenty of wine for the party, Tim.

Unknown said...

Rained here all day! Bloody drought!