Sunday 22 January 2012

Z prepares to learn her lesson

I've sort of bitten the bullet.  I've emailed the school music teacher to ask her to let me have the name of a local clarinet tutor.  I don't know anyone, if anyone does she will.  It rather commits me.  I'm not quite wholehearted about it, admittedly, and feel quite anxious.  I feel as though I'm setting myself up, if not actually for failure, for something less than success.

However, I know what I'm like.  I'll turn the feelings around.  Flight will turn into fight, as it were.  I may be indecisive (or I may not be, who knows?) but once I've made my mind up, I go for it.  Well, I hope I will, anyway.

This week, it\s Governors' Link week.  Most of us - the ones who are able to get into school during the school day -  are linked to at least one department and periodically go to meet the staff, see what's going on and, at least once during the year (could be any number of times) go into lessons to see for ourselves.  Talking to the pupils is a big part of that, it's no good sitting back and just being theoretical about things.

If your own family has long grown up, it can be quite daunting going in and talking to teenagers, hitting the right tone, but once you're used to it, it's great.  Since I've been involved with the school for years and going weekly to music lessons there for about four years, I'm reasonably confident about it and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm the Special Needs governor, but I'm not going into classes concerning that this time round, I'll do that another time.  I've got meetings instead.  I am, however, going into several music lessons and that'll be brilliant.  I learn a lot in those lessons and I love to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment  shown by the students.

Having said that, I haven't got any lessons tomorrow, now I come to think about it.  I suppose I should have written this post tomorrow.  Um.  A day in hand.  What shall I write about tomorrow, I wonder?  Any ideas?


Pat said...

It's always rewarding learning a new skill. Or are you just honing a skill you already have?
Whatever I'm sure you'll be good at it.

Christopher said...

Go for it, Z. Think of all that elementary stuff you've got under your belt - you're well up the ladder already. And you'll be a pleasure to teach, I'm sure.

In fact I'm quite excited for you. You'll keep us posted, won't you?

Z said...

I started playing the clarinet about 20 years ago, Pat. I got pretty good, but couldn't keep it up, my mother was ill and needed looking after and there were a lot of things going on. I've not done much for 10 or 12 years.

It's dismaying to have let my standard slip so far, Chris. Thanks for the encouragement - I'm pretty tenacious once I get going. And I have made a fair bit of progress in the past few weeks.

Something to blog about? I think that progress reports are assured!

Wink said...

Hang on kiddo, you told me to go for it when I was made redundant so what's your problem!

Z said...

A fear that, after hours of practice, I still will never play as well as I did 15 years ago.

Unknown said...

I'm not musically inclined, but I would imagine one's fingers become slower as one gets older. As I don't know your age, I'm being tactful! x

Z said...

Use it or lose it I suspect, John. I'm whole lots older than you, at any rate!

mig said...

How exciting! Good luck, I hope you find a good teacher.

Anonymous said...

Hi Z,

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Z said...

That's really kind, Bill. Thank you.