Thursday 26 January 2012

Z is cheerful

Lovely music lesson today, I had chats with several of the children who are quite interested, in a bemused sort of way, about me going in to help as a volunteer.  And then, waiting to see the Head after school, a girl whom I'd got on with well last year came past and stopped for a chat.  I do enjoy going in to the school regularly, it makes all the difference when I start to get to know individuals, both staff and students.

Most of the furniture has been moved about now and we'll see how it works out.  Of course, we may not like it and change it all back after a while.  I don't mind, I love moving furniture.  My mother's furniture stayed in one place throughout my childhood - well, afterwards too, in both of her next two houses.  Once she'd decided where something was going, there it stayed.  I like to ring the changes, which is something I've got in common with Dilly.

Wink phoned this morning to say that various things had cropped up and so she's coming up tomorrow instead of today.  I was upstairs changing beds at the time and didn't hear the phone so rang back.  Later, changing our bedclothes, I got the reminder on my phone that it was time for Meals on Wheels - just as well, I'd have forgotten (mind you, of course, that's why I set an alert) and hurried out.  It wasn't until about 6.30 this evening that I remembered that I hadn't remade the bed.  I'm so glad I did remember then, mind you, not the most fun job to have to do that when you're rather hoping to get straight in the bed.

I've got a lot done today, but it doesn't really feel as though I've made much progress.  I could do with another day before the weekend.  There is one, of course, but I've got to leave at noon for a meeting in Bury St Edmunds and I'll have to get ready for that first, which will take at least an hour.  I haven't had time to read the newspapers all week.  Still, I daresay they'd only depress or annoy me.  Maybe it's the absence of 'news' that is making me feel so cheerful.


Unknown said...

Newspapers' can be annoying, but I find the Daily Telegraph a good read. The letters are very good!

mig said...

I love moving the furniture around too. It's like having a new house without losing the things you like.

Z said...

When in doubt, skip the news and read the articles and letters, I reckon.

Happy birthday for tomorrow, John.

Exactly, Mig. I do feel we're on the same wavelength, I am really looking forward to meeting you.

mig said...

Dear Z, me too : )

luckyzmom said...

I too am a frequent furniture mover and have been thinking about how I will move things to accommodate the new recliner that will be arriving in a couple of days. Tuesday to be exact. What to do with the old one will be a puzzle.