Friday 27 January 2012

Z is upbeat

Today has gone well.  I arrived in Bury St Edmunds in good time, found the car park without difficulty, having finally managed to secure a mental map of the area (which is not the part of Bury that I usually go to) and parked.  Last time I had a meeting there, I got out of the car to get the ticket, then realised I'd lost my bearings and had no idea of the direction to walk to the building I was aiming at.  I walked a few yards and the heavens opened.  I had to accost a woman (who, unlike me, had an umbrella) and ask, and arrived at my meeting a few minutes late and soaking wet.  They had started without me, so I had to begin taking notes at once, dripping messily into my notebook.

Anyway, I sensibly (have you ever noticed how sensible I am?  Yeah, thought so) looked about to get my bearings before I left, and noted the distinctive colour of the building, so was able to find my way back today.

I hadn't been home long before Wink arrived, so all is well there too.  The two flies in the cheerful ointment are that my laser printer has gone on the blink (it's still under guarantee, if I can't resurrect it) and that the cordless phones have unaccountably stopped working.  I used one at noon before I left, and we received an answerphone message since, but there is no ringing or dial tone and nothing happens when you pick up.  There is one corded phone which works, so I'm not fussing for now.

Actually, it would be a long time before I missed the landline.  It always rings when the Sage and I are talking about something that matters, he can't resist rushing to answer it and it completely interrupts our train of thought.  I'd give it up if not for the Sage, honestly.

Further good news is that I checked app downloads a few minutes ago and there are two new levels out in iAssociate 2.  Jolly good.  I shall enjoy them.


LẌ said...

"I'd lost my bearings"

Two words: iPhone Maps

Marion said...

Hope you and family have a nice weekend.

mig said...

I have to make notes in uderground car parks of which level I'm parked on and which letter I'm near and I can still fail to find the car! And I study google maps in depth before parking in strange towns.
(And yes, I have noticed)

Z said...

I was using iPhone maps. I knew where I was and where my destination was. What I didn't know was the direction I was facing. I was just walking in the direction I thought was right so that the cursor would move when it started to pour. If the woman hadn't chanced along, I'd have gone back to the car and used the compass app.

I'm not good at observation, so I have to be very careful to remember where I am in car parks. Oh good, thanks Mig, I can make a post out of this some time.

Thanks, Marion. I'm just about to start cooking.

Bilbo said...

There's a free iPhone app from BMW (you don't need one of their cars) which will remember where you've parked, and on which level if multi-storey.
You also tell it how long your ticket is for, if appropriate, and how quickly you walk and the type of thing you will be doing. It will then warn you when to start back to your car in order to be back on time.
There are probably others but this is the first one I came across and it works well enought that I haven't looked for more.

If you have sat nav on your phone there are usually options for walking routes as well as car journeys too.

Z said...

Blimey, your phone must know you better than your own family, Bilbo! It hadn't occurred to me that it would be difficult to find the way from the car - I had to drive around a bit to find a space, so had lost my bearings. I'll look for the app, thanks - although I'm usually pretty good at keeping to time.

Unknown said...


Wheels away!

Thanks for the b'day card, Z. xx

PixieMum said...

Much to daughter's embarrassment we have ribbons tied to the car aerials. Once we find the right floor it helps to find the vehicle amongst the sea of silver and grey cars. I have said that when/if we change our cars I don't mind what colour as long as it is not grey, silver or lime green.

Thankfully Kingston John Lewis numbers each parking bay so the number can be scribbled on the parking ticket.