Monday 23 January 2012

A Z and her marbles are soon parted

There was the sweetest little girl in church yesterday.  Her name is Toni, she's ten months old and a clever little thing.  She was crawling around in a good humour, making those sounds that just precede speech, very interested in her surroundings, could stand confidently and walk with one hand held.  Her parents were lovely too, kept a close eye on her without interfering unless they thought she might be bothering someone or getting too near to something she shouldn't touch.

Weeza and Phil spent the weekend in London with the children.  They stayed in a friend's flat - the friend actually moved out to give them space! and had a get-together with friends in the evening and went to the Natural History Museum during the day.  Zerlina was very impressed although she didn't believe the dinosaur skeletons were real.  Quite understandable.  They took her shopping for clothes and she fell in love with a really gaudy Barbie-pink bag.  Not Weeza's style at all, but they relented because she was so besotted and Zerlina is extremely happy.

I seem to have slightly screwed up.  I received the draft minutes from the last governors' meeting when on the way to London back in November.  I thought I'd been through them, made any necessary changes and sent them back ... it seems not.  The deadline is tomorrow.  The job has been done in some haste - fortunately, the only sections where there were queries were bits I remember - it had been an extremely long day, one meeting after another from first thing until after 6, ending with a pupil exclusion, and I felt quite ill by the end.  So details were a touch hazy in my memory, I must admit.

Now to think about the agenda for the next meeting.  I'm not with it at all tonight.  If I was confident of my usual three wakeful hours in the night, I'd leave it until the early hours, but I can't bank on that and I've got to be out of the house by 8.30 tomorrow morning so can't leave it until I'd normally get up.  My brain seems to be a bit too relaxed for a Monday.


mig said...

It's lovely to see children with relaxed, confident parents.

I had to laugh at the pink bag, my Youngest's two girls went through a stage of having to have the same of everything and always pink, so matching pink bags, hair bands, notebooks and clothes were all over the house for a while.

I hope you get your agenda sorted and a good nights sleep as well.

Z said...

Weeza was strictly discouraged from being a girly girl and isn't too keen for Zerlina. She received a train set for Christmas. At least Squiffany seems to have got over the pink stage already!