Thursday 5 January 2012


It was extremely windy in the night and the chickens were making a lot of noise this morning, telling the Sage how little sleep they had had.  I didn't have so very much myself, but lay for a long time listening to the wind whooping down the chimney and battering the windows.  At least the windows are well fitting.  In our last house, the Edwardian sash windows rattled and the curtains billowed gently.

I'm so pleased that so many of you would like to come to the bloggers' party.  There is no need to decide on a date yet, but I'll tell you the weekends we're free (as things stand now) and if you have any preference, let me know and we'll try to find a date to suit everyone.  Since some of you will be coming from quite a distance a Saturday might be better, to allow for an overnight stay.

Here are the most likely options -

May 26
June 2 (this is a Bank Holiday weekend, the Spring Bank Holiday having been put back by a week because the Queen's Jubilee holiday is on the Tuesday)
June 30
July 21
August 4

If you've a long way to travel, we do have spare rooms and you're welcome to stay overnight.  Staying here requires a very relaxed attitude because this is a Tudor house and the rooms all lead into each other.  So either you're going through someone's bedroom to get to the bathroom and stairs or someone is coming through yours.  We've got four spare rooms, two with double beds, one has a single bed and the other a slightly lumpy sofa bed in a very warm room (it's right above the Aga).   We are quite remarkably informal and it's wise not to have expectations of luxury accommodation, mind you.


Blue Witch said...

Definitely not the long BH weekend for me.

Weather records of recent years suggests May may be better climatically than July or August... and August 4th is in the middle of the Olympics (if anyone cares).

Unknown said...

I'd love to come, but, sadly, my disability needs prevent that. Have a good time! xx

Macy said...

August is best for the North British contingent here - just hinting
Sounds like an added bonus if we miss the olympics too :)

mig said...

Oh Z I would love to come - I'll be camping on May 26th but if that is the weekend of choice, I may duck out of some of the camping. It's a long weekend and I could always creep back into my tent the next day :)
It is a long way and if a bit of space was available for staying the night I would be grateful - I can bring an inflatable bed if that helps.
I'm going to be quite over-excited now.

And it was windy here last night - it didn't keep me awake but as a night bird I enjoyed listening to the wind long into the night. Too cold to go out though.

Rog said...

Olympic Tennis! If the court fencing is 6ft high Lily could be let off her lead and be an enthusiastic ball-girl.

Z said...

Okay, we'll cut out the 2nd June for sure and keep the others as possibilities. As for weather, it's a matter of chance. Early May last year was cold, if we'd had it the last Saturday in April it would have been lovely. Later in the summer would be better for me, but I'm pretty flexible.

We should be all right for a bed, Mig, and we've got the odd mattress and blow-up bed too if need be.

I don't know about enthusiastic, tennis balls are certainly bouncy. The fencing will fox Lily all right. If she can scale it, there is time to nip round the other side and catch her on her way round.

I wish you could, John. Sorry if it's impossible.

Roses said...

I've got nothing planned later in the year. So I'll block out those dates and await confirmation.

How marvelous, something to look forward to in the summer.

Z said...

Splendid, Roses - having chosen the one weekend you couldn't do last time, I'd have to put you first this time.

Phil said...

Early August is almost certainly not possible for us I'm afraid, and late July is likely to be difficult. May 26th sounds much better as things stand right now. Sorry to be difficult!

Z said...

It's never easy to suit everybody, Phil. Macy, even if it's not the best time, could you make May 26th?

luckyzmom said...

If I lived anywhere near enough there would be no question of me being there.