Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Z has cheered up no end. Sleep every night seems not to be necessary.

You may (or may not, you have better things to do, after all) remember that I have taken on a new committee, as Area secretary of Nadfas.  It's just two meetings a year, with two committee meetings to plan them - but there's a lot of co-ordinating to do.  I'd say that there's probably something to do eight months of the year, with quite a lot for three of them.  Which is fine, I'm not talking about days'-worth of work, the odd few hours at a time and quite a lot of emails to deal with.

I do find it easier to get to know people online, I have to say.  With my poor (better than it was) memory for names and faces, it's easiest for me to get to know people by facts.  So I get away with it, everyone thinks I've a marvellous memory because I'll remember most things I've ever been told.  That I may look at someone blankly, because I have poor face recognition, can be overlooked.  And a woman can develop a reputation for being a bit luvvieish (easier than for a man) and call everyone 'darling' or similar while she's remembering their name.

I am loads better than I was in both these respects, because I have spent a lot of time working at it.  I remember, when I was secretary of the WI, I used to sit with the list of members on my lap, looking round the room (we sit in a circle) putting names to faces.  One can learn to improve, and it becomes easier.  It's especially easier if I have something written down, as that's the sort of memory, 'learning style' that I have.

Anyway (a written-verbal tic, I know, darlings), although it is quite a lot of work, I'm enjoying this secretaryship, because of all the emails - and the occasional phone call - that I get.  A sad excuse for a social life, but hey, it saves on the housework.  Ask people around and you have to clean up and cook and stuff.

There was a meeting here in fact, earlier on this evening, to plan the Harvest Supper.  I seem to have come off lightly, with a fruit salad - well, a fruity dessert, won't decide what until near the time - and a cheeseboard.  Squiffany and Pugsley were here at the time (I typed in Pugsley's actual name there, whoops, thought I was on Facebook for a minute) and they were very good but not entirely impossible to ignore.  They were playing with various apps on the phone - child-suitable, natch - and then giving each other rides on their backs round the room.  We didn't mind, but the Sage came and took them away.  Afterwards, we agreed, we're all grandmothers; they were quite happy and well-behaved, so we switched off and got on with our arrangements and didn't even notice them.


Dandelion said...

Hang on. I can't get my head round this. Not entirely impossible to ignore...does that mean you could ignore them, or you couldn't?

Dave said...

I find it easier to get to know people on-line. I've made far more friends this way in recent years than I have in the physical world.

Sir Bruin said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have met a lot of people in the course of my work. Quite oten, the Smaller Bear and I will bump into one of them in town. A prolonged conversation will ensue. As we say our goodbyes and move on our way, the Smaller bear will ask, "Who was that?"

"No idea."

Sir Bruin said...

As for meeting people online or in person, I have no preference. However, the Smaller Bear and I met at

Z said...

We watched them amusedly and didn't ignore them, but they didn't distract us from what we were talking about.

I meet a lot of people all the time, but don't always have an opportunity to get to know them very well. As Sir B says, that doesn't prevent an animated conversation at the time!

That's so romantic, Sir B.

heybartender said...

I am terrible with names and faces. Most of my jobs have meant meeting a lot of regular customers as well as many, many co-workers. I'm in the pet name camp as well, Z- "Hello Ladies!" coupled with a look of recognition is far better than repeatedly asking people their names. I usually remember what people drink, though. Even at the Local Grocery.
Also Z, I nearly forgot. You can search me by my real name on Facebook and add me as a friend. If you like.

Z said...

A few of Al's customers have accounts or get a discount (members of the local diet club, for instance) so I need to remember both face and name in that instance. It would be fine if I worked there regularly, but as it is, I usually forget.

And, thanks, I will.

luckyzmom said...
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luckyzmom said...

It seems to me that with face to face we go through all the surface stuff first and may take a lot of meetings to (or may never) get down to the nitty gritty, as we can do so quickly online.