Saturday, 28 August 2010

Anxious bear

Weeza and family came over today and we made a start on the catalogue for the next auction.  And Al closed the shop early so that he could get back after lunch, because they are going on holiday.  Eileen and I will run the shop next week, but not every day and mornings only.  It's a busy week, actually, with one thing and another - nothing vital but lots of little things.  The main thing I'm going to have to fit in is a lot of organ practice for a funeral on Wednesday, on an organ I've never played before.  Every one has a different set of stops and a different feel, I'm not looking forward to it at all.  Especially as the grandsons of the person who has died are very musical.

Something of a mercy dash this evening.  I was just starting to get dinner ready, and then went to get Tilly to have her dinner first.  I went into the cloakroom to wash my hands and there was Barry, Zerlina's teddy bear.  So off I went to Norwich to return him.  The last thing I wanted was a distressed teddy bear missing his little girl.  Zerlina was asleep when I arrived, but Phil said that she'd be sure to wake during the evening, wanting Barry.  I guess they'd have coped overnight, but it wouldn't have been easy to get through the whole weekend.

Dilly will celebrate her birthday while they're away, so I took her presents through this morning to be packed, with a couple of DVDs for the children.  There are a lot of birthdays next month in the family - funnily enough, El's, Al's and Ro's other halves all have birthdays in September, as well as Pugsley at the end of the month.


Dave said...

I have a feeling you have a birthday in September, too.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to a funeral. Ever. Cannot imagine attending them regularly, even if it is as an organist. Don't you find it depressing?


Eddie 2-Sox said...

So many September birthdays. You lot sure do celebrate Christmas.

Z said...

I do, darling, but you all know that already, so I didn't mention it.

Depressing isn't usually the word - sad, yes. Sometimes very upsetting, such as the young child who died (of natural causes, she was born with many disabilities). I often cry at some point. The worst is when a son (usually) reads a poem or has written a tribute and finds he can't get through it without breaking down.

I don't know how they found the time, Simon. I mean, early September - they hadn't even got to Christmas yet. El and Al were conceived during the relaxed days of summer and Ro was planned to a careful timescale (ie, not near Christmas or his siblings' birthdays).

lom said...

All the best people have September birthdays

Anonymous said...

It is important to have forgotten bears (and tigers) returned asap. They tent to rioting if unattented.

Z said...

We do, Helen!

I know, Mago. They're very reliable when with their children, but things go badly amiss when they're left to their own devices.