Wednesday 17 March 2010

Z learns Anatomy

The receptionist who dealt with me yesterday sorted the matter out and was on the phone at 9am to confirm that an appointment has been made for 4 o'clock tomorrow.  It's interesting to observe oneself - I felt quite matter-of-fact about my visit to the consultant - I know everything is fine, I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask and one or two things to clarify, but nothing that indicates any anxiety on my part.  I was relaxed and good-humoured at the hospital, which I needn't have been as a cock-up was certainly made - but by the time I got home I did feel very jagged and out of sorts.  I didn't *need* a drink, but alcohol certainly played its part in restoring my good-humour.

Tomorrow, we really are going for a piss-up in a brewery, which I'm quite sure will be entirely well organised.  We're going as shareholders - one of the Sage's many good decisions.  I've no idea what dividends are paid, but I'm quite happy to accept fringe benefits.  We have to leave Southwold in time to get to Norwich by 4 o'clock, but that's all right.

The ATM I usually use doesn't give mini-statements, but my own bank's machine does.  The PayPal pennies have not yet been paid in.  Or, they hadn't by 2 o'clock this afternoon.  I have at least had my hair cut.

The other thing that really unnerved me yesterday was calling the headmaster by the completely wrong name.  I've known him for 5 years.  His name is Sean.  Why on earth did I suddenly call him Roger?  Completely embarrassing.  He isn't letting me live it down, either.  I told him, for decades I never called anyone by name in case I got the name wrong.  I wish I'd not overcome that particular phobia, because it evidently was soundly based.  Still, I'm looking on the bright side - he was probably quite as unnerved as I was.

I'm still having fun with apps.  I do have a childish nature and like playing games.  Current favourite is Anatomy - I've always been worryingly vague about this sort of thing, and I soon found out that I'd got the sites of the spleen and the pancreas confused with each other.  And I had no idea where the deltoid muscles were. I'm getting on quite well now, and (one has to get over 50% of the answers right in any one level to progress to the next) now breeze through individual vertebrae, on to various limb bones and only come unstuck when on the specifics of the shoulder.  Next comes the skull and then the lungs.  Gosh.

Weeza and I were, coincidentally, talking about body parts we had eaten, this evening.  I mentioned that I had once served sweetbreads to the family, which Al had particularly enjoyed.  She said she had tried, but not eaten tripe - it went into her mouth but no further.  She had also eaten brains.  I hadn't and asked what they were like.  "Well, all right, I suppose.  It put me off avocado for a while though."


heybartender said...

Oh gods I almost *never* call anyone by name because I share that phobia. And with good reason.

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Rog said...

I get called Sean a lot.

You'd had your hair cut earlier so were probably feeling Sean yourself.

Dave said...

Clearly subconsciously you compare everyone to Rog.

I was amazed, at the party, to find myself calling people who I hadn't seen for 17 years (and who clearly hadn't recognised me) by their first name.

Mind you, it's even more confusing when visiting you, to try to remember what people's real names are.

I, Like The View said...

I think I have app jealousy. . .

I'm going to a wedding soon, and the groom has a "Wedding App" for his i-thingy prompting and reminding him of his organisational responsibilities. . . I suggested to the bride that if one could get a "Husband App" then she'd never have need to nag him about putting the bins out (and other such tasks)

Z said...

If referring to a third party in a conversation, I often call the person I'm talking to by the name of the person we're talking about. And my family members are all used to me getting their names right only after I've been through their siblings and the family dog. But this was done with such confidence that it startled all of us.

Cheers, Anon - just one tip, it's spelt "assignment". I wish I'd got through college by reading blogs.

I think of you all the time, Rog.

Tell me about it, Dave. I am so used to referring to my family by pseudonyms that I have to think about whom I'm talking to when it's someone who actually knows them.

The bride and groom will be there on their wedding night, consulting their iPhones on what to do next. Nice picture.

Anonymous said...

After my recent op I ordered from the hospital menu, steak in ale pie. When it arrived I picked up a large ish looking pice of meat from the plate only to realise, on first chew, the meat I was eating was a kidney! I spat it out immediately and chuntered somewhat at the staff. Oh, and a nurse was nearly sick.

Z said...

I'm making a note only ever to order fish or veggie meals in hospital, Ad. Not that I think they'd ever make frugal use of removed body parts of course.

Dave said...

Did you ask for your old hip-bone for the dog?

Pat said...

The only muscles I remembered easily were gluteal - Lancastrian you know.
I used to enjoy the tripe
Grandad gave me - liberally dosed with salt and vinegar - until I learned what it was.