Sunday 14 March 2010

Shooting spring

I should have written a couple of hours ago, before I had an email from a friend.  It was upsetting, her son-in-law had a serious accident and was badly burned and is critically injured in hospital.  The specialist burns unit is about 3 hours drive from their home and they have young children - the last week has been awful.  Someone close to me had such an accident many years ago, remembering it was so awful that I could hardly tell the Sage.  Time mercifully blanks a lot but it comes back when you talk about it.  I do hope he makes a good recovery, but survival is the issue right now, and in any case it'll be a long and painful haul.

Until then, the day had been excellent.  Cakes were well received but enough has been brought home to make the Sage happy.  Al cooked a lovely lunch and the children were happy, having bought various goodies at a car boot sale that morning.  They had bought several DVDs as well as toys and stuff, and we watched Men In Black.  I told the children about the dog that said "kiss my hairy ass", which quite shocked them - I was a bit wrong in fact, as it was "furry" but they still giggled mightily.  I think that Squiffany is too good a little girl, but I can still take Pugsley well astray, as any Granny should.

I let Dilly play with my iPhone.  She's hooked, she wants one too.  So does Pugsley.  Smartphones (I'm not plugging macs, honest, have whichever you like) are the biz.  I don't bother much with the phone, admittedly, though the Sage seems to have racked up 2 hours worth of calls in a couple of days.

This meeting in Bury on Friday - apparently there's a military funeral on at much the same time (the meeting is at the Cathedral, in its meeting room appropriately enough) so we'll have to go early as roads will be closed off, if we don't want to have to leg it through the Abbey Gardens, which Yvonne won't be able to.  I don't mind leaving early, so sad I am that an hour or two killing time over coffee feels like a holiday to me as it means there is no question of me looking in at one of the two meetings that clashes with the day.

I slept better last night, and then woke for the last time ("better" is comparative, after all) five minutes before the alarm was due to go off, so the morning was nice and relaxed, with plenty of time for everything.

I will try to put up that photo tomorrow.  It's upstairs.  I'm used to thinking of an unscheduled trip upstairs as a Big Deal.

Oh, I meant to mention- the sun shone warmly this morning.  I went off down the drive, noticing that the daffodils were still short and showed no colour.  When I came home a couple of hours later, I saw flashes of yellow - but they were not from the flowers.  The leaves had shot from the ground so fast that they had not had time to turn green.  I should have taken a photo but didn't think of it - they had grown a full inch in that short time.


DILLIGAF said...

Driving is so dangerous these days. I'm terrified when Jax goes off in her little car - thankfully that's only when she's home for a weekend.

Hope the chap makes it ok.

Most of my cats look at me as if to say 'kiss my furry arse'...good job I love em!!!

Caught a few rays today with a nice cold one or three!! Love it!!

Z said...

It wasn't a car accident but a domestic one with a garden bonfire. But you worry most about your children when they are around at home and going out, not when they're doing the same things but you don't know about it.

Chester didn't say it, he backed up to you and presented his backside for a good scratch!

Roses said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Let me know how he gets on. Burns are such an awful injury to have.

Good to hear though that you had a good day. I'm all in favour to leading children astray. When I go to Trinidad in the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing exactly that. After all, I am the 'mad Aunty Rosie'.

Anonymous said...

This accident is tragic and sad.

Dave said...

The first paragraph rather stops one making frivolous comments about the rest.

I shall, though, definitely think of Roses as 'mad Aunty Rosie' in future.

Z said...

I have always tried to be the irresponsible adult, Roses, too. It's good to be a bad influence, if only as a dreadful warning.

If wearing a white leather tie isn't letting your hair down, Dave, I don't know what is.

When I hear more about the young man, I'll let you know. Might not be for a while - my friend will be spending much of her time looking after the grandchildren and I won't have a contact phone number or email for her.