Tuesday 16 March 2010

Dis appointments

Which has nothing to do with Diss (no, Rog, I'm not putting in a bloody link.  Or even one to Diss).

This has not been one of our better days.

I had a patient email from Dilly early this morning, saying that Pugsley is waking earlier and earlier with the light and sunny early mornings.  "He was watching baby bunnies out of our window in the early hours today - that may be why I am feeling so tired."

I went off for my Finance committee meeting.  If you hear the government saying how much extra money they're putting into things such as learning support/SEN, take it with the usual pinch of salt, will you?  They have, rather, altered categories so that many schools are having money withdrawn  to be given to others, particularly to those that have many pupils for whom English is not their first language.  Anyway, the school financial manager and her assistant have done their usual fine job and the school is still solvent.

After the meeting, I was to go through various papers with the former chairman of governors - we still haven't done a full hand-over -this doesn't matter as we work closely together, but it does need to be done.  However, she had been called for an extra meeting at her other school, not an easy one, so she didn't have time.  So never mind, we had a quick cup of coffee together and she dropped me off in town for my hairdresser appointment.

While waiting, because I was early, I checked emails and read one from Weeza, who said that Zerlina's viral infection had gone to her chest and the doctor said she has mild bronchitis.  She's on medication and is getting over it, but has been poorly with an awful cough, and spots.

I went to the hairdresser and it turned out I'd written the wrong date in my diary and I'm due in tomorrow.  Great.

I went home and went to commiserate with Dilly, and Pugsley took me to his parents' bedroom where, from the window, you could still see bunnies frolicking.  Sweet.

The Sage and I set out for my appointment with my consultant in Norwich.  Oh no, back a bit.

At the weekend, I had an email from Paypal saying I was near the limit that money could be paid out without my account being verified.  Okay, fair enough, I logged on straight away and did what was necessary.  They said that they would put a few pence into my bank account, twice, and I then need to tell them what sums have been put in and that'll be that.  Damn silly, but fine.

Then the Sage bought another vesta, so I paid with Paypal.  Since, the nice lady selling the piece and I have been in friendly email contact.  It was a bit disconcerting to have an email from Paypal today saying that my payment took me over the limit and has been stopped.  So, with only five minutes in hand before leaving for Norwich, we nipped into the bank for a statement.  The payments have not gone in yet.  Oh, and the bank is not open tomorrow and I'm pretty fully committed to various things on Thursday and Friday and not sure if I can get to a branch in opening hours.  I'm not sure if an ATM gives an actual statement of ins and outs, or just a total.  So I may not be able to get my account verified this week.

Anyway, off we went and got to the hospital and I went to check in at the reception desk.  I had an appointment (the correct name was on the letter), but not with the surgeon I expected - it was another one whose name starts with the same letter.  My chap isn't in the hospital today and there was no point in seeing the other one as he wouldn't have my notes and I'd need to come in again anyway.  The startlingly pretty receptionist was extremely apologetic and thanked me several times for being so good-humoured about it.  The secretary who had sent the appointment had simply screwed it up.  My consultant will be in on Thursday and then off on holiday for a couple of weeks.  I said, I'm out most of Thursday but if I can be fitted in about 4pm I can get there.  Otherwise, it'll have to wait - which doesn't matter vastly except I want to be okayed to drive.  Eight weeks is a long time to stare at your own four walls.

I've come home and written an apologetic email to the vendor of the vesta.  And eaten cake.  At six o'clock, I will drink gin.

If you have been, thanks for listening.

By the way, my engagement for Thursday actually is for a piss-up in a brewery.

PS.  I've just noticed that I've lost a follower from my sidebar.  That hardly surprises me at all.  Still, I suppose a square number is just as good as a round one.


Rog said...

I'm just shocked to see that the Sage is buying packet curries with Paypal.

Z said...


You're a rotten tease, or possibly a very good one. I trust it isn't you who has abandoned my sidebar.

Rog said...

I'm still in the side bar on my second glass of Cabernet Merlot!

Z said...

So you are, dear heart. How lovely you are. And 4D is in there twice. What a darling.

I may have had enough gin. Time to start on the Chilean Carménère, whatever that is.

Dave said...

I do all my banking on the internet these days, which means I never need to visit a branch, and can always get statements.

Always, of course, providing the internet is working - one day I had an urgent transaction to complete, just as broadband in the village crashed (so the library internet wasn't working either). I had to drive into Norwich to use the internet in the library there.

I think a mini-statement printed by an ATM will show the last few transactions, rather than just a total.

Z said...

Three banks still have branches in town, but one is now closed every afternoon and one closes on Wednesday, so I'm afraid they might not all be here in a year or two. I support them as far as I can - I have accounts with all three and visit them personally.

Money where mouth is as well as foot, you see.

Z said...

I mean "traditional" banks - not sure if N&P is still a building society or now a bank too.

*checks back is covered. Thinks so*

Dave said...

The Halifax (my main bank) had a branch here when I moved; 6 months later it closed.

I need to travel to Norwich or Diss to pay cheques in. I'm in the process of opening an account with the one bank still here (to add to my 3 internet banks) mainly for paying-in. I expect they'll close as soon as I get the account open.

Z said...

I'm completely with you, Dave, and no criticism was implied.

*Covered my back, evidently left another body-part exposed*

Staff at the Halifax (where I don't have an account and there isn't a branch here) are Perfectly Lovely. I've had occasion to pay money in to two branches and have nearly opened an account on the strength of their tellers' welcome.

Roses said...

Sounds like the gin is definitely needs. I have weeks like that.

And don't worry, not only am I still here...there are no links.

Z said...

Thank you for no links, Roses. And for being here.

How do we know said...

Gin? i sooo envy u. Ok, wine tonite for me then.

badgerdaddy said...

Ah, Carmenere. My absolute favourite wine.

Z said...

Oh good, I've led a few of you down the ruby road, then.

Roses said...

I just looked at my comment again. It makes no sense. The worst part is: I was sober at the time.

Oh dear.

Blue Witch said...

"I went off for my Finance committee meeting. If you hear the government saying how much extra money they're putting into things such as learning support/SEN, take it with the usual pinch of salt, will you? They have, rather, altered categories so that many schools are having money withdrawn to be given to others, particularly to those that have many pupils for whom English is not their first language."

Erm, yes.

The wonder of asylum seekers/the EU immigrants. People who don't have any involvement with the statutory services have now idea how much people are losing out. Support for people born and bred here seems to depend on the goodwill of those providing it.

And today I had a 23 year old OT tell me that she did not agree with my diagnosis of "dyspraxia" for a lad of 9 in an independent school who cannot write legibly, or read, or throw and catch a ball of any size, and is the most certain case I've seen in years. "We're not allowed to give these diagnoses on children in independent schools, because we haven't the resource to provide input for them," I was told. I asked her how long she'd been qualified. "Two years," she said. "Well, I'm sure you'll understand that when you've been practising for 22 years, with a special interest in that subject for all of them, you won't appreciate a whipper snapper telling you you're wrong?" I said. "And, unlike you, even when I worked for an LEA, I wouldn't refuse to provide a diagnosis because the system can't resource it."

And therein lies the problem. People are too scared to challenge the 'governmint' 'rules'.

Z said...

No, you made perfect sense to me, Roses. Not that I was sober at the time myself.

I know children who already had diagnoses of dyslexia, discalculia etc made when in state education whose parents then moved them to private schools - I wonder what their LA did then, BW.

luckyzmom said...

I'm checking the frig for an open bottle right now*-D