Saturday 27 March 2010

Z is Better

If I haven't visited, I apologise, but Bloglines isn't working and most of you are only listed there.  I'll be up to thousands of unread posts again by the time I can find everyone again.  Mind you, I've still got 33 more posts to work through even in Google reader, so the odds are I'll never catch up.

And I just remembered I haven't started on the PCC minutes I meant to write up this evening.  Oh well.  Too late now.  I should see if I've got the music I'm supposed to play tomorrow but have no intention of practising.  Hah.

Anyhoo.  No, not a lot has been achieved.  I succeeded in some delegating, which was good.  I've sowed some more seeds and spoken encouragingly to seedlings.  It may be a bit early for sowing runner beans, because they get to a certain size and start to entwine among themselves, which is a bit awkward when you come to plant them out, but I can't fuss.  I won't have any spare time next weekend, because there are two family birthdays and Easter and Wink is coming to stay, less than a fortnight before her birthday, which makes a third, so I will be highly busy being jolly.

For a change.

I was busying myself in the greenhouse this afternoon, and the door was open and Tilly came in.  I made her very welcome, but after a few minutes I thought the atmosphere was a bit pongy.  She left and I followed her towards the end door (this greenhouse is actually three, end to end, so there are three doors) and it got pongier.  I observed with dismay that she had stopped for lavatorial purposes just inside the door on the way in.  "Tilly did a poo in the greenhouse" I wailed in the general direction of the Sage, to the amusement of Friend Jamie who had called in - but I knew that the Sage quite enjoys clearing up ordure, so it was worth becoming a figure of fun.

Tonight, as I was cooking dinner, the Sage came into the kitchen.  "Can I help?" he enquired, having calculated asking time carefully.  I said things were under control, thanks.  "Then can I use your phone?"

I think I'm officially better.  The Sage hasn't joined in the cooking all week - although I've been out every night, I've still cooked dinner, even when I haven't eaten it.


I, Like The View said...

so glad to hear that you're officially better!


Anonymous said...

Will you get a certificate too?

Marion said...

How astute you were with the observation of "having calculated asking time carefully". Know that one well.

Dave said...

I think you should have at least a badge saying 'Officially Better' so that people can stop treating you with kid gloves.

Christopher said...

highly busy being jolly

Perhaps this comes easily to you? I know I'd find a sustained effort very hard work and would long for a moment or two to sit quietly in a corner and just smile.

Anonymous said...

Well, he asked ... I know people who just stick their head into the kitchen and say something like: "I see you are fine - good!" and that was that. Another line is "Oh, I'd only be in your way ..."

Z said...

Well, I've been explaining that I can carry things for several weeks, but everyone has still kindly insisted on helping me. But this week the Sage has been busy with another matter, so he has reverted to his normal level of care and consideration.

There's no effort when it's family, Christopher, although I do need time to slump and be alone quite regularly. I think I come over as very sociable, but it's learned rather than natural behaviour. Still, it's better for me than being too solitary, which feeds a natural tendency to be dismally introspective. So I make the effort to be jolly, which makes me feel happy too.

Rate My Sausage said...

"Enjoys cleaning up ordure"?

Does anyone know if it's true that both Hitler and Napoleon were coprophiles?

sablonneuse said...

Glad to hear you have 'officially recovered' even though it sounds as though you have doing nearly as much as normal for some time now.
With your busy life I'm amazed that you manage to write a post practically every day so it's not at all surprising if you don't have time to visit fellow bloggers on a daily basis.

Z said...

I don't know, Simon, did you make it up or read it somewhere? I rather enjoy mucking out a good cowshed or stable myself - does it make a difference which species it is?

It's a busy time of year, Sandy, which was the reason I wanted the operation in winter.