Wednesday 3 March 2010

Timeo Googleos, whether or not dona ferentes

As you know, I don't have word verification or comment moderation here - occasionally one or the other might be put up, if there's a sudden spate of spam or if I know I'm going to be away from the internet for a week or two, but otherwise I just delete the ones with dodgy links.  I do, however, have Blogger set to send comments for moderation on posts over 20 days old.  There are a surprising number of dodgy comments left on them, and I've just deleted 17, from about the last fortnight.  I didn't read any of them, but looked at the headings in case any of them wasn't actually spam.  For the first time ever, I found one quite offensive.  It said (and I have to disguise it, because I don't want to attract more of the same) "Attens10n, ch1ld d@t1ng m@n".

What does it say about This Modern Age, however, that I take the offers of enhancement or paid-for romance in my stride?  All aimed at men, I might add.  Women are either deemed to be less easily duped or more content.  Or possibly poorer.

Talking of poorer, I think that I've mentioned that the Sage has taken to using my phone for calls, as I can't possibly use 10 hours-worth in a month and he certainly can.  Since the phone is a bit away from his mouth, he tends to shout a bit so, considerately, he uses my phone in a room I am not.

I had been preparing a rhubarb crumble, and returned to the drawing room (also, the Write Stuff, which I'd been listening to, was over) as he was saying "goodbye" to someone.

"I've been telling G about *article about G's former employers*"

G is in New Zealand.

I have rather forcefully explained that I would far rather have the cost of a call to New Zealand on the landline than on the mobile.  He has apologised as if it was a personal insult.  I had to explain that it wasn't. Just an expensive mistake.

Oh well.  We're nowhere near as expensive to each other as our children were.  Well, some of our children.  Ro was surprisingly good value*.

Of course, they're all Worth It.  Which reminds me, I looked after Pugsley this afternoon while his mother was at her tap dancing class (no, she doesn't fall off into the sink).  When she came back, he was reluctant to clear up the pack of cards scattered on the floor.  When her command didn't work (unusually), I said that I'd give him a count of five, and after that I'd pick him up by his feet and bounce his head on the floor.  He picked up the cards.  How odd.  I'd have gone for the bounce, in his situation.  Anyway, not long afterwards, he went to sleep.  I said it was unusual for him to be naughty.

Weeza and Zerlina are visiting tomorrow.  Huzzah!  I am very happy.  And, obv, I have forgiven the Sage.  His rhubarb crumble will go into the oven in two minutes, and soon he will be as happy as I am.

*joke, Weeza and Al.  Joke.


Rog said...

Is that a eupemism Z?

Z said...

Yes, Rog.

Blue Witch said...

Have you checked international mobile V international BT (I think you're with BT)? Last time I looked BT were more expensive than many mobile companies/packages.

Or do you now use 18185? (you should, especially for international and non-inclsuive calls...).

Zig said...

they're damned expensive aren't they? Kids I mean, but as you say worth it, especially if they come home!

Z said...

We have a cheaper system for international calls - can't remember the details as I don't use it. The Sage has Skype on his computer, but his friend doesn't - besides, the Sage thinks my phone is 'free at the point of use.' Or he did...

Hang in there, Ziggi - it all comes right in the end!

DILLIGAF said...

You know. I could eat a rhubarb crumble right about now!

"What does it say about This Modern Age"

Sadly, it says precisely where humanity have arrived.

John Venables of Jamie Bulger infamy is back 'inside' where he should have been anyway.

The Yorkshire Ripper wants freedom and legal aid paid for by us is supporting him.

It's a mad world babe.

Long as we stay in it maybe some sanity does too.

We?...oops...slip of the keypad...I meant you of course...;-)

Z said...

Well, 4D. bad can be followed by good - read this

Anonymous said...

I was given a cellphone once and some numbers are in, and that's it. I guess.
These comments are machine-made I think. I am not sure what it says about This Modern Age. Maybe nothing else as: If bloke finds a way to make money seemingly easy he will do it. And he will find an excuse for nearly anything. Its always the same darkness, now digitalized.

Dandelion said...

Was that Latin, or Polari? I can't decide if it makes me think of Life of Brian, or Round the Horn.

I've never heard it called rhubarb crumble before.

Dave said...

Sadly I'm not allowed rhubarb, as it causes kidney stones. This probably explains my single status.

Wink said...

Dont' you remember that I used to tell Ronan I'd put him in the tumble dryer when he was little if he was messing about - it got to be such a joke with him that he used to say "are you going to put me in the tumble dryer Auntie Wink?" Happy days!

Christopher said...

New Zealand! What was wrong with Samoa or Fiji?

Rhubarb crumble, mmm. With custard, I hope? And a goodly dollop of hand-whipped cream? Good humble pies should be really tasty. And self-indulgent.

Z said...

More nil illegitimum carborundum than occupet extremum scabies, I suspect, Dandelion.

No, it's letting us know your IQ, Dave. Rhubarb doesn't, in itself, cause kidney stones, of course. It just increases an already existing tendency. I love rhubarb but have never had a kidney stone - the Sage once had a kidney stone but has eaten rhubarb since and there has been no recurrence of the problem.

No, Wink, I don't remember that. You evidently are not as convincing in your threats as I am. however, since Ro has no ongoing fear of the tumble drier.

I would have encouraged him to phone Samoa or Fiji - or, indeed, to take me there - but we don't know anyone there, whereas Graham is in New Zealand.

Custard and cream? Is not that a guarantee of an attack of snatiation?
I made cake today, so desperate am I to cook. I gave away most of it, though. There are three happy families as a result. Temporarily happy, that is, until some of us climb upon our weighing machines.

Z said...

By the way, BW, we're not with BT for the phone, though we are for the internet. Indeed, we might get a better deal all in. I'm still exhausted with the effort of saving *whatever* on my car insurance.

Anonymous said...

I saied something wrong?

Z said...

Oh, darling Mago, I left you out. I'm sorry.

I was meaning me, really - I mean that I'm so used to the usual spam messages that I hardly notice their content, and that it seems to take a lot to offend me. They are a nuisance though to have to delete - though I don't get as many as some people do. I suppose the greater number of readers you have, the more spam you attract.