Friday 5 March 2010

Terribly good or awfully lucky

"I must have been terribly good in a past life to deserve all this," I said to the Sage as he brought in a pot of coffee and a mug, after having cooked and served my dinner to me an hour and a half ago.

"Past life, heh heh," he chuckled.

"Or a present life, maybe?" I added hopefully.

"Present life, that's it.  I'll go and get another log to put on the fire," he said.

No fashionable angst here.  And it's not all one-sided, I am very good to the Sage too.  Why, only today, I ...  um ... I  - oh yes, I congratulated him on cleverly helping a friend to open a cabinet with the key missing, and I found out why the side door was sticking (no, that was genuinely deductive, he couldn't do it) and I gave Tilly her breakfast.

That's about it.  I think he's about due for more cake.


DILLIGAF said...

I like The Sage.

I bring Carol a cup of tea every morning and make her sandwiches - she likes to take sandwiches into work - every day.

Apparently she adores my sandwiches. Ham with a touch of Mayonaise or Ham and Cheese with a touch or Chicken up Dinners

I did this even when I was working.

Don't tell anyone though.

It'll ruin my street cred..;-)

Z said...

I won't tell a soul. I'll just look quietly impressed.

Christopher said...

Cake, mmm. He'll eat it out of your hand, won't he?

Dave said...

I do think this cake-making is terribly impressive.