Thursday 4 March 2010

Somes it up... Alphonse put it -


Anonymous said...

I have to repeat this.

And, sorry: Yoh!

martina said...

Wuzz up?
I had no idea Suffolk had so much going on.

Marion said...

Well- I shall assume there is truth in what they say.

Dave said...

I don't think they mentioned Yagnub. And certainly not L- S-. The map briefly shown near the end appeared to be the EU defined Eastern Region (broadly the area covered by Look East) rather than East Angular proper - I certianly didn't think I was in EA when I was living in Dunstable, although that's where the region goes.

I couldn't comment on the music.

Hmm. I appear critical today. Perhaps I'm just tired.

Christopher said...

I shall be in Essex later this month. Can't wait!

Z said...

You may have all noticed that I felt a bit tired myself last night and didn't feel like actually writing anything! What particularly amused me was Alphonse's comment, when he got a one-syllable phonetically-spelt word wrong.

Dave, perhaps you are - though I didn't notice that you were being more critical than usual.