Thursday 18 March 2010

Final hiplog

I'm driving again at any rate, which is about time.  The Sage isn't always the most reliable chauffeur as he forgets when I need to be places and doesn't get home in time unless I ring him - on the other hand, at least he carries his mobile around with him nowadays, and charges it regularly too.  That reminds me, I must make sure he's got credit on it.

Things have been completed today, I went to the consultant and that's fine.  He showed me the x-ray taken of my new hip the day before I left the hospital - it's all very big.  Hard to tell from the screen just how big the spike is going down into my femur, but it's amazing to think I've got all that in me and I can't feel it at all.  I asked what movements I still shouldn't do now, and what I should Never Do Again - sorry to say this, darlings, but he really doesn't recommend much running.  A few yards is fine, but it's just too jarring.  As far as dislocation is concerned, I should be careful about a few things for the next few months, such as sitting in very low chairs - the main thing I shouldn't do at all is sideways twisting, especially to the outside.    I mean, imagine you've got something on the sole of your foot and you bring the foot up backwards and then twist round to see the problem.  Or, your foot doesn't quite want to go in your shoe and you stand the back of the heel down and bring it up back and around to put it right.  Well, I mustn't.  I said, I thought it was the inwards movements that were more of a problem, but he explained how much more movement would have to go wrong to put it out of joint that way - "so, can I cross my legs?"  Well, I may.  Gosh, isn't that good? He wants to see me again in a year's time and I should have x-rays every 5 years to keep an eye on it, but he suggested that I return to the NHS for that - he doesn't see why I should have to pay extra for what I'm entitled to anyway.  It's basically their records, an x-ray and a questionnaire, anyway.

My attention span while driving has gone down a bit, I must admit.  I had to think about concentrating.  Still, that'll put itself right almost immediately, won't it? *cough*

On the way home, I stopped to get a bank statement and the Paypal amounts had come through, so that's now done.  And this evening, I've been to a Festival committee meeting, so now I've got to write up the notes - how I've set it up is with an ongoing document (as much of what happens is yearly) and just append extra bits in italics or a different colour, so I don't have to start from scratch every time.

The visit to the brewery was jolly good, and we went home with goody bags!  One each!!  And I don't even have any shares!!(!)  The Sage has four shares, which entitles him to all this largesse (four exclamation marks are OTT, so I leave you to gasp in astonishment).  Anyway, I highly recommend that you buy a few or even one (they cost over £100 each), and then when you go to the visits to the brewery, they can count as blogmeets too (you can meet the Sage, which you will love) The lunch is excellent and the visit is really interesting.

Tomorrow, Bury St Edmunds.  I don't mean that's what I'm doing, of course, but it's where I'm going.


Rate My Sausage said...

Can I rent one of your shares at a reasonable rate please?

Dave said...

Did he give you permission to climb on scaffolding?

Blue Witch said...

Ah, good news on the hip. You should publish all your blog posts on that on one new blog: 'Removing the Fear from Hip Replacements' or some such...

Have you been given your current x-rays? Otherwise, they may disappear before you need them again. Keeping of films in the private sector is very hit and miss (different facilities/consultants have different practices). The NHS may need them for comparison in the future.

Rog said...

Is "Rate my Sausage" Dave's new nom de plume?

Roses said...

All sounds good. So no salsa for awhile yet? Ah well.

Does that mean that work will soon re-commence on the Great Wall of Norfolk?

Z said...

Don't know about that, they aren't mine, Soss, but I'll buy you a beer.

I can do everything except run more than is reasonable for a bus, play rugby unless it's in a dignified manner and take up skiing. Oh, and sky diving is out and, as I mentioned, so is looking at the sole of my foot behind me. Scaffold-climbing is specifically encouraged as long as I don't fall off.

No, I should have asked for them. It would make a splendid profile picture (I refuse to say avatar unless I am using a representation of myself rather than an actual picture).

Having just taken a startled glance at the title of Dave's post today (I've been out all day), I'm quite glad to assure you, Rog, that Mr Sausage is not Dave.

I'm ready for wall-building, Roses. Dave's not quite up for it yet, however.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not get it.
Dave, sausage, Roses ... all a mytsery. Maybe I should start to read Dave's blog. He's a man of the sausage?

luckyzmom said...

I've just had xrays done of my hips to take to my appointment with my orthopedic surgeon on Monday and was surprised to see how far into my femur the length of the replacement is. The end of it is forked. It appears to be over six inches long, with screws!