Thursday 31 December 2009

Z, not being two-faced, looks forward

No review of the year here, I resolutely move ahead. Not that it has been anything but a good year. I've had a lovely time. The best has certainly been Bringing On The Wall, which has been great. I loved it. Thank you, Dave, for all your time and good humour and for deciding not to mind when we inadvertently crinkle-crankled a bit.

I'm mostly looking forward to being cut open and having a bit of leg cut out. And, lucky as I am, that will put me right for the next decade or two, so in a few months I'll be ready for all the walks anyone would like to join me on (bad grammar alert).

Our hostess yesterday had a hip replacement operation some years ago. I've been told that she asked for the bone as a souvenir and (she's not the sort of lady it's easy to say no to) bore it home. Apparently, she cooked it and offered it to her dog,* and was quite upset when he wouldn't eat it. I'm not surprised - I'm sure he was Shocked and Appalled. I don't know if it's her current dog, who is a Bedlington Terrier, appropriately named Larry (they look like lambs).

*If this story isn't true, I apologise unreservedly.

I went over to visit Weeza today - Zerlina had her flu jab yesterday and was a bit sleepy, though in a gently good-humoured way. They are clearing out the spare room to turn into a bedroom for her, as their third bedroom is really too small for the description. They bought a new bed when they moved to Norwich, so decided to throw away the (12 years old and at the end of its days) spare bed, so they put it in and on my estate car, filled their car with other rubbish (rubble from the building of the conservatory, empty bottles, general Stuff) and we drove to the tip. I mean, recycling site. They were really pleased to get it all done in one trip, as it would have meant four in their car and getting the mattress in would have been a puzzle.

Tonight, I'm mostly downloading apps.

I hope that 2010 will be a good year for all of us, and much health and happiness to you all.

Happy New Year, darlings.


Rog said...

May you stand corrected in 2010 Z! And not just by Dave! I look forward tio joining you in the Iphone revolution next week.

Z said...

I trust so, Rog - nicely put!

And I hope you enjoy your iphone as much as I do mine.

Roses said...

Happy New Year my darling.

Hope 2010 is filled with love and laughter for you and yours.

Cheers my dear!

Z said...

*Raises whisky glass*

Good morning!

I, Like The View said...

I once called a spaceship in a story I was writing at school Janus, and the English teacher thought it quite clever. . . I think I'd actually nicked it from some obscure sci-fi book I'd found in the library, and felt a little guilty about not fessing up

thus two-faced references at this time of year always make me feel a little shifty, so I'm glad that you're not and that you're looking forward

HNY, Z!!


heybartender said...

Happy New Year, Z. It's been a pleasure.

Dave said...

Happy New Year.

I shall expect to see you balancing a spirit level on your head, to demonstrate level-headedness.

Sarah said...

And a very happy and healthy new year to you too Z.

I would love to join you on a walk when your hip is phit !

Christopher said...

Happy New Year, dear Z, and keep on doling out our daily ration of sweet and witty reasonableness.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year, Z.

I love visiting your blog. As a fast moving London sort reading your cosy homily wit, that is just the right side of batty, always leaves me feeling calmed and soothed. Ta Muchly. You're a lovely woman. Keep doing what you're doing (not that you need my permission).

Onwards and Upwards!

Pat said...

You know my problem - I want more details about the 'crinkly crankly.'
What a strange friend with the hip bone. I'm assuming you are going to have yours done soon and I'm sure it will be a big improvement to your general well being - as it was for my sister.
All best wishes for a happy healthy 2010.xox

Z said...

Thank you all so much.

Dave's comment has given me today's post.

Pat, the bricks are hand-made and it was quite difficult to get them as level as they should be, in a perpendicular way.
And our friend is a bit eccentric, but very practical!

Ivy said...

Happy New Year, Z. Look forward to reading more of your blog this year.

badgerdaddy said...

Happy new year, indeedly do.

Blue Witch said...

I would have thought that giving a bone that small size to a dog would have been highly dangerous... urban myth? ;)

Do you have a date yet?

Z said...

I think Larry was wise in turning it down.

I've got an appointment on Thursday (postponed from before Christmas because of the snow) and hope I'll get, if not a date, an indication of a likely date.

luckyzmom said...

I could understand asking for the bone, I still have my daughters' umbilical cord (just the part that fell off her belly button). But, the thought of giving the bone to Larry is grossing me out:O