Monday 28 December 2009

No, sorry, it's still Christmas

I'm not doing much. And I'm not even thinking much. I've mentally written a post or two, but when I do that it doesn't seem necessary to write them in the flesh (as in, it's the thought that counts).

I got up promptly this morning, as Dilly was tutoring and had asked me to babysit at 8.30. However, she'd changed it to tomorrow, which I should have checked on really, as I knew that Al wasn't opening the shop today. I presume that means I need to babysit tomorrow. I shall go through clutching my breakfast in one hand, my face in another and the papers in a third, on the assumption that the children will be willing to watch CBeebies for a bit until I'm awake.

By the way, if you haven't listened to "The News At Bedtime" on Radio 4, do. I'm not a lol girl every day, but I chortled happily. Turned out Ian Hislop was one of the writers. Figures.

What I'd like, by the way, is if the tv listings said if a programme is to be repeated in the next week. Number of times I've recorded one thing, watched another, regretfully missed a third, only to find out that one of the first two is on again at a convenient time. Why? Just tell us. Or maybe they do and I don't know where?

The Sage is getting so au fait with looking for things on eBay, by the way. He's even finding useful stuff now, and is also discovering that things he has and doesn't really need will fetch Ready Money. Mind you, if he starts selling as well as buying it will quadruple the agony for me. I just pay the bill when he buys something.

Having my hair cut tomorrow afternoon. That means I'll get on my bike for more than 500 yards for the first time in at least 10 days. Oh dear. I might have put on a pound or two.

That reminds me. Still a bit of yesterday's pudding left. Too much for one. I think the Sage will have to share.

Or maybe I'll be virtuous and abstain.

Or maybe I'll not mention it and we can eat it tomorrow.

Maybe the bantams would like my share.

Actually, I'm genuinely undecided. I don't know which way I'll go. Although, come to think of it, if pudding is involved, the Sage would rather eat a double helping than give it to the bantams.


Marion said...

Haven't had to cook anything but breakfast for 3 days. So much leftover food. I've not been virtuous. Have eaten constantly and will have to pay dearly for it. I had a terrible emotional upset last year and couldn't eat a bite. Lost 10 pounds in one week. Don't want to go that route again, though. Do you ever wonder how you managed to survive a certain period of time?

Z said...

Oh Marion, I'm so sorry and I hope things are all right now. When my father died suddenly, my mother lost 30 pounds in a few weeks and she had not been big to start with. And yes, you look back and don't know how you got through it or how you ever got over it.

Dave said...

If you miss a programme, it's usually available on the internet for a week.

Z said...

Occasionally I do that - but in the days when there were only 4 channels, the TV listings would say "repeated on Monday night at 10.30" or whatever. Now it never does, even if it's repeated across various channels several times.

Ms Scarlet said...

I am a little hung over - food and drink related. My weight is just about going back to normal.

Z said...

Still eating regrettable quantities of Stilton. I'm afraid I won't stop until it's all finished.

Still, the good thing is that there's lots of alcohol left. I have been remarkably abstemious.

Anonymous said...
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luckyzmom said...

Abstaining from sweets is a huge struggle for me, especially this time of year. In particular are the peanut butter balls a friend makes and shares every year, which make me moan with pleasure when they touch my tongue.

Z said...

Peanut butter balls? Sweet and salt combined? Oh, what sort of friend is that? A naturally thin one or else one who is round (like a peanut butter ball) and doesn't care.