Tuesday 8 December 2009

Z is letterless

I think I'll wait for a bit before moving onto another alphabet. I've enjoyed it, but sometimes the posts are written around the titles. For the moment, I'll show you a few more photos. They are all fairly random snaps and, as you can see, I'm no photographer.

We hired a car for three days. Wink and the Bod had seen a fair bit of the Algarve last year, but they wanted to fill in the gaps and also show me some of the scenery. So, on the Tuesday, we took a taxi up the hill to the car hire place (they considered walking it, but when they realised how far and how uphill it was, they were glad they hadn't. I wouldn't have tried in any case; they'd have returned to the hotel for me) and fetched it. I read while they filled in forms and sorted everything out. I had not taken on any responsibilities for any organisation of this holiday and was enjoying complete relaxation.

Bod drove, which he found a bit difficult. Actually, I've only ever driven my own car on the Continent - I'd have thought it would be easier to drive a left-hand drive car on the right, but I hadn't considered changing gear with my right hand which I think would be very awkward. Bod certainly found it so, especially as we headed for the mountains and he had to negotiate hill starts at junctions as well. I quietly decided, if I hire a car abroad, to choose an automatic - but then I've often driven one, which the Bod never has. Anyway, we climbed to the highest part of the Algarve, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. There were masts and industrial buildings and nothing else and it was jolly windy, so we drove back down the hill a bit and stopped for a picnic.

The view was lovely. There were a few small farms but few other buildings in sight.
We heard bells before we saw the cows wander over the road.

Afterwards, we headed over a mountain pass.

I didn't have a chance to take photos because the roads wound so and we couldn't stop, but there were a lot of cork oak trees and olive trees. I find the plants, and especially the crops, extremely interesting when I visit a place. I like to know what local people live on and what makes a place tick.

The area close to the coast is very built-up, and I didn't take photos of the numerous apartment blocks and ex-pats' villas, but once you're slightly inland, it completely changes and there's little sign of tourist activity.

Later, I relaxed again.


martina said...

The last photo is the best one. Where is the glass of wine?

luckyzmom said...

Yes, the last photo has me imagining and wishing my own toes in there. Fabulous professional photo.

Dave said...

Did you not name that cow?

Z said...

Wink fell asleep so the Bod and I fetched her a cup of tea. There is a limit to how much wine I can drink and we had our quota at lunch and dinner.

I understand that she already has a name, Dave. I don't usually choose names for every random animal I see.

DILLIGAF said...

I see you met my mother in your travels then...;-)

Actually I'm kidding....the cow is far better looking......

Rog said...

Are you 50% legless in the last pic Z?

Anonymous said...

Another alphabeth? There are beautiful signs in Asia, but sadly I can not pronounce a single one.

Christopher said...

Nice shot of the Black Sea in the last pic.

Oh dear. We live in an expat villa. Not on the coast though. The Algarve hinterland isn't unlike 'our' corner of the Languedoc.

No carob trees?