Tuesday 29 December 2009

Z gets ready to party

It's party season at last. Not that we haven't been thoroughly entertained over the last week, but in a family setting. Tomorrow, it's Lord Bruin's 24th Annual Christmas Party, to which bears of all ages and denominations will be welcome, together with their human staff. Rabbits are not allowed under any circumstances.

Edbos and Ted are looking forward to it no end. Some bears dress up, for there are prizes to be won - indeed, the first year Edbos went, he won the prize for Most Loved Bear, because Ro, who was then about eighteen, wouldn't leave him on the table with the rest of the teddy bears but carried him around (not at all in a Sebastian Flyte way) for the whole party.

I'm sounding arch, but it isn't - it's fun in a slightly off-beat very English way. And the food is extremely good and not at all hunny-related.

We have no plans for New Year's Eve, which is a bit lame of us but we don't normally bother, but on Friday we're going to our Great Green friends' New Year's Day walk - there's a choice of routes and we can walk between two and seven miles. I will walk about fifty yards, the length of the friends' drive. I have regretfully cried off from the walk proper. Usually, I've done the longest one but last year I chose the shortest and that was a plod by the end (muddy fields were involved at this stage), though I still enjoyed it. This year, the Sage will go (there's a whole crowd, he won't be lonely) and I'll stay at the house with the other disinclined or unables.


DILLIGAF said...

Me and Caz and Jax go for a walk in Windsor New Years Day.

We haven't done it for a few years but we always used to. This New Years Day we will again.

Walk by the river, feed the swans. Beautiful.

Back when she was around 5 Jax was 'swamped' by swans after the bread in her hand. Never harmed her though.

Yeah. Windsor by the river this year.

Happy New Year babe xxx

Lois (three-legged-cat) said...

I think the party sounds brilliant, I'm actually rather envious - I've never been to a party/picnic for bears. Perhaps I should organise one.

Dave said...

Hmm. Parties.


Christopher said...

Unables. Pron. ewe-nuh-blz. Accent on the first syllable. Lovely word. Let's hear it for neologists. Perhaps we could have a party? At Dave's?

Z said...

Always good to have a Plan, 4D.

The hostess (well, Lord B and Lady Rosy's social secretary) is in her 90s and her bear and she have been inseparable since her first Christmas.

Dave love, it's delicious food and chatting to friends, not conga lines down the road, nor clutching a cocktail glass and going mwah to slight acquaintances, while darting glances over their shoulder in case someone more worthwhile to talk to turns up. There are parties and parties.

The wall topping-out party intended for this autumn was postponed because of Dave's illness, Christopher. If we can finish it in a few weeks next year, we might manage a summer party instead. Dave has lots of spare rooms and more bathrooms than most people have bedrooms, so he can put everyone up and we can all meet again the next day for brunch at his house.

Christopher said...

Yes, I remember now. We were actually in East Anglia (that's if Essex counts as E.A.) in early autumn and I unhesitatingly awarded Dave's B&B (that's Bed and Breakfast, not Bright and Beautiful, tho' that would apply equally) facilities 5 gold bricks out of 5.

Sounds good, Z.

I love conga lines down the road (and charades and Mrs MacKenzie's Dead and The Intellectual Game and Twister and British Bulldogs and Murder in the Dark, never having grown older than 12 in this respect) but am quite happy going mwah.

Dave said...

'If we can finish it in a few weeks next year'!!

On past form, I'm assuming a few months should be put aside. I anticipate being fully fit (or as fit as I was last year, anyway) by May.

Z said...

Ooh, Murder in the Dark - I haven't played that for decades - once I was the murderee and I screamed out loud, as you're supposed to of course, but I was far too polite to do such a thing under any normal circumstance - but acting is different - and it was splendid.

I should be too, Dave. We've done at least two thirds of the wall, I think we should get it finished while the summer is still here. We didn't much enjoy cold weather bricklaying.

I may be allowed on the scaffolding next year, as long as I promise not to fall off.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! Thanks for your hard work on it.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

It sounds like you're having an almost perfect Christmas and New Year, fab! See you next year.

luckyzmom said...

Sometimes I think this blog is written in code::D

Z said...

This is how we all talk in Norfolk, love.

SuperP. said...

Rabbits are not allowed under any circumstances.