Saturday 12 December 2009


Dilly and Squiffany took me to the theatre in Yagnub this afternoon (I whimsically reverse the town's name). It was "Annie" done by the youngest members of their youth theatre group. They were very good and some were exceptionally good singers- they are very young, most of them, and I was impressed.

During the interval, we heard that one of the Thai restaurants in town was on fire. Desperately sorry for them, we were also anxious for the safety of surrounding buildings, which are old and timber-framed. However, when we came out, although the road was closed off there was no sign of fire so the fire brigade had stopped it spreading.

The Sage looked after Pugsley. All was tranquil on our return.

This post was brought to you by Z's iPhone. The Sage is using my computer. It's slightly slower because of the small keypad, but otherwise very do-able. Photos of Portugal later.


DILLIGAF said...

A town called Bungay? Whatever did it do to deserve that??...;-)

I don't do small keypads. I have enough trouble with big one's.

Z said...

Even better, there's a small supermarket, part of whose sign is hidden by the bus shelter. It's known generally as the "Gay Shopper".

I avoid the name to save myself from Google. *Sigh*

Yours is large then, 4D? That doesn't surprise me.

sablonneuse said...

Posting by iphone? That's what I call keen. You're also setting too good an example by posting every day so that i've had to play catch up again. Really enjoyed the photos. Thanks.

Z said...

Just seeing if it can be done, Sandy...