Friday 11 December 2009

Short and thick

I've been out all day and busy all evening - I can't quite face sorting out photos at present. I think I've got as far as the Wednesday, when we went to Spain for lunch and I'll tell you about it tomorrow. All these photos are a bit of a cop-out, I know - saves me writing much!

This is the time of year when I spend every spare evening making holly wreaths. Those of you who've known me at least a year will be aware that I really dislike the job, but some poor fool has to do it. If I valued my time, it wouldn't be worthwhile. I have done 6 or 7 to add to the 3 Al already has in the shop, and he'll probably sell them all tomorrow. He has sold a lot of trees which isn't surprising - he charges less than other places for exactly the same Nordmann trees. They are literally the same, bought from the same grower. He charges his normal mark-up, which is much less than a garden centre's would be, but he doesn't have the overheads.

The Sage's laptop has arrived and I've taken it over to Ro to set up. I offered to pick him up from work so he took the opportunity, as he needed to go food shopping anyway, to buy more than usual. He has nearly a two mile walk to and from work, which is a long way to carry more than a bagful. There is a little corner shop at the end of his road, but it's a long road and he lives at number 120 or so. He only bought £20-worth even so - he hasn't got a lot of spare space; there's a decent-sized kitchen but he shares it with two others.

I've been writing my speech for Monday evening. Sigh. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be long or clever. Like me. That is, I'm not either.

It is one minute to midnight. I'm off to bed.


Dave said...

No it's not, it's ten past eight. Are you mucking with my mind?

Z said...

I suppose you were tucked up asleep at midnight, Dave. Very sensible.

Christopher said...

Enjoying piecing together your Portuguese holiday - it's like a crossword! Faro? If you had lunch in Spain it must have been across the Europa bridge to Ayamonte. We were in Loulé for Christmas and New Year 8 years ago, knee-deep in expats. H'm.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Spain for lunch! Yummy! Pics will do :) with captions of course :)