Wednesday 16 December 2009

The day improved - or, Christmas has come early for the Sage

I had a rotten night. I was woken every half-hour or so by the soreness of my hip. There was no reason that I could think of. At about 4 am, I found I couldn't get to sleep at all any more and shifted uneasily. Eventually, I found a pillow to put between my knees, which made me more comfortable, but by then I was wide awake. So was the unfortunate Sage.

I may have mentioned before that my husband is absolutely saintly. He assured me I hadn't woken him up (not true) and that he couldn't sleep either (true, but only because I'd thoroughly woken him). He cuddled me affectionately, which rather woke up both of us (ahem) and I finally went to sleep half an hour before the alarm went off.

You'd think, wouldn't you, that my hip would have given me gyp today? It's been fine. I've strode like a Colossus, sort of. I went out to a lecture plus coffee morning and saw lots of friends, which was lovely, and then went to Ro's office - well, I stopped outside Ro's office in an "it's not illegal if you're picking up or dropping off" way to fetch the Sage's Christmas present. Then I went to visit Weeza and Zerlina. I haven't seen them for a little while, as they have been visiting Phil's family.

So the day went in a very jolly manner. The Sage is already getting proficient in using eBay on his new laptop. Since I pay his bills (I didn't plan this very well) I am glad that he is happy. I have sent his new email address - actually, it's an old email address that he's never used - to our children so that they can distract him from buying more stuff by writing to him. I'm not sure it's working so far. However, his happiness is my sole aim and ambition. And mine is his, when it comes down to it.

Things are improving, regarding Sunday. I was firm about not being able to learn the accompaniment for the singer, but also for it being a priority, and someone else, a very excellent organist (I am not, I am rubbish, honestly, I can hammer out a tune and nothing more. I am not being modest. I usually can't even be arsed to use my feet, mostly because then I tend to forget my left hand) has agreed to come straight on from another service and play for her. I wrote to thank her and she's said she doesn't mind playing for the whole service. Not being one to go above the head of the person taking the service, I've run the offer past her and am awaiting a reply, but I an so grateful. People are so lovely. Never, as some do, prefer pets to people because a pet won't let you down. Pets, which I would not willingly live without, know no better. People choose to help. Sometimes, because they are diffident, you have to show that you are vulnerable and need help. This is the main lesson I have learned in the past few years.

'Course, it helps that anyone can see I'm pretty useless and that this makes them itch to put me out of my misery.

The headmaster would call that a display of my dry sense of humour. Heh. We know otherwise.


DILLIGAF said...

Hubbys are always's in our nature...;-)

I was sorely tempted to shout "Hip Hip Hooray" but thought you might hit me ( I hate pain )

You have to get it sorted babe. Such is life eh? x

Z said...

I wouldn't hit you, 4D. I'd smile bravely and you'd feel mean.

Hubbys are saintly. We women are ever grateful and appreciative.

And yes, I will. I'm boring the pants off even me.

lom said...

You need more 'wake up time' well it worked didn't?

Z said...

True, LOM

Christopher said...

On the subject of saintliness, the French post office calendar for 2010, which arrived today, tells me May 2nd is pretty significant in the Catholic calendar of saints.

Can you arrange for a) hip replacement and b) canonisation on eBay?

Z said...

St Athanasius?

I'm sure I could buy the hip, but I am doubtful about the canonisation. I've a feeling that Henry did away with the purchase of sainthoods at the time of the Reformation.

Christopher said...

Well, the faithful that draw their strength from the French post office calendar will be asking St Zoë to intercede for them.

Z said...

Really? I will do my very best for them.

According to Google, however, St Zoë's feast day is 5th July. She was martyred by being hung from her hair while a fire was lit beneath her feet, which was quite inventive.

Thank you for the diaeresis, darling, which not everyone can master on a pc (simple on a Mac). The effort is appreciated.

Christopher said...

It's a pleasure, dearest Z. In your stocking you'll find a circumflex, a tilde, a hašek, some umlauts, an iota subscript and some rough breathings, all to wish you a Happy Christmas.