Wednesday 2 April 2008


I feel just a tiny bit overburdened at the moment. We both had appointments at the dentist this morning - I was fine, but it still cost £50...the Sage was told that a crown is on its last legs and should be replaced, which is rather more money. However, money, poof, it's time that matters, isn't it?

I looked after the children this afternoon, as Dilly had an appointment. They were lovely as always, though I did suddenly find myself in need of a nap. Squiffany fell asleep too and Pugsley (I had taken the precaution of switching on CBeebies - yes, Bad Granny) was quite happy and seemed to find us quite amusing.

My friend R, whose wedding in June I have agreed to play at, came at 5 to talk about music. I don't really do weddings, too stressful - she doesn't want traditional wedding music, so I've said I'll have a look and a think. The hymns are fine, and I'll play a couple on the organ and a couple on the clarinet. For the rest, I'm thinking one rousing, one gentle and one with a bit of swing and pace, so that they can dance down the aisle on the way out. I have until June.

I am involved with PCC stuff. The AGM is only 2 days after I arrive home from holiday - I'm leaving in 2 weeks. There's stuff to sort out. I've just arranged a Friday morning meeting to sort it out.

I've school stuff to do. It's well into the second week of the holidays. I need to get on with it.

Nadfas business. No, I haven't booked the hotel in Liverpool yet. I've a committee meeting next week, and I've three people to contact before that and Stuff to do as well.

I suddenly remembered that I hadn't renewed the TV licence. I couldn't find the reminder letter, but at least I had a licence from a couple of years back so had the number so could do it online. Yes, darlings, I've achieved something today. I remembered it too, albeit slightly late.

A bottle of bubbles was cracked in honour of Al's birthday - we also played Musical Bumps, Musical Statues and Ring-a-ring-of roses. "Party bags?" enquired Squiffany. Grannies rustle something up at no notice at all.

Ro suggested a takeaway. Oh, yes. And another bottle.


Anonymous said...

I should guiltily admit that I won (whether Z the judge acknowledged it at the time or not) every round of musical bumps tonight versus my one and three year old. Hey, it is my birthday and I haven't put the last piece in a jigsaw for years!

Z said...

Happy Birthday, dear Al, Happy Birthday to you!

Dave said...

I pay my TV licence by standing order, so I never need to remember to renew it.

'money, poof, it's time that matters': I happen to have plenty of time on my hands at the moment which I don't need, so if you'd like to buy some...

Z said...

But Dave, isn't that what mature and sensible people do? Maybe when I'm older.

Yes, time is what I need right now. If you could arrange 3 extra hours a day and no incoming phone calls, I'd appreciate it. Alternatively, you could take on my PCC commitments for the next month and that would be a real help. Thanks, angel xx. Ready money is available.

Dave said...

When you get older you'll get a free TV licence.

Your PCC wouldn't know what hit them if I took over.

You're welcome to 7-10 pm. I'll ensure that I don't answer any phone calls for you during those hours.

Z said...

That's true - when the Sage gets to that age I'll be spared the bother. A WHILE TO GO FOR ME THOUGH.

7-10 pm. Right. I'll leave it up to you to not answer the phone then. The cheque's in the post.

Pat said...

And with your left foot no doubt, you can crack walnuts:)

Z said...

Oh Pat, my mother used to say that - where does the expression come from?