Thursday 10 April 2008

Lucky some people are organised

Honestly, some people can be quite inconsiderate. It's my sister's birthday on Monday, so I thought it was quite helpful of me to arrange delivery of her present to her workplace for tomorrow, as I know she's taking the day of her birthday off and it's always a nuisance to have to toddle down to the post office to pick up parcels. I rang her, to check the address.

"Oh, I'm taking the day off tomorrow too."

What? Really, didn't it occur to her that I leave things as late as possible - but, on the hand, not to the very last minute? Doesn't she know, after all this time, for she's known me all my life and most of hers, that I rely on people doing what I expect although I reserve the right to du different* myself?

Anyway, it's all right (it always is) because she's going into town on Saturday to go the hairdresser so can pop into the office and pick it up.

I had a phone call from the electricity chappie, who was down at the church, wanting to make an appointment to put in a replacement meter. After a brief chat, I suggested that the best thing would be to lend him a key to the room where the meter is - the church itself is always open and I leapt with awkward agility on my bike and went to meet him and show him around.

Yes, I looked at his ID before entrusting him with the key.

I noticed that I used my most professional helpful manner, to the extent that I remembered his name and used it when saying goodbye (you think this always happens? My memory is rubbish). Natural charm would have been quite sufficient, but I was doing the full "it's my pleasure."

*this is what we do in Norfolk. It's our motto.


Dave said...

Presumably there's some good logical reason why you couldn't just send her present to her own home (don't say she'd be at work, for as we all know, she's got the day off).

Z said...

Of course there is, Dave. She won't be at home either, she's going out for the day.

Pat said...

Sisters! Mine has forgotten my birthday for the last two years. I have decided once one is 80 it's allowed.

Unknown said...

Your memory is.........?

What's a birthday?

Dandelion said...

Ooh, she's got a lovely name, hasn't she?

Is duing different different from doing different then? I like the sound of it, anyway.

Z said...

Buy yourself a present, Pat, and send her the bill. She won't know, will she?

A birthday, John, is the day when all your virtual girlfriends send you lots of blog-kisses.

She has, Dandelion. I like all your names too.

Anyone can do differently. It takes Nor-folk to du different.

Z said...

By the way, this is the Birthday Girl's take on the situation...

Thanks Kiddo - by the way just read your blog - illuminating I thought because I know you always get things done on a "need to do" basis!!!!

Need to du, Wink, need to du (she's never lived in Norfolk).