Wednesday 27 February 2008

Z was asleep

Indeed, unlike every other blogger on this side of the country, I slept through the earthquake. We turned the light off sometime after 12.30 and I was in that first deep sleep - takes more than an earthquake, it seems, to wake me and the only way the earth moves for me is at the Sage's touch.

Ro was quite disconcerted by the tremor, and he says that the mice in the attic went frantic.

The main event in this household, this week, was Pugsley moving from a cot into a bed - or at least, we expected it to be. Squiffany moved into a bed when she was about 15 months old, as her parents wanted her to have forgotten about it by the time the expected baby arrived, so that she wouldn't feel supplanted. Pugsley was as relaxed about it as she had been and just went straight to sleep, and he called out, but didn't get out of the bed, in the morning.

Pugsley's vocabulary is expanding. I've heard him say 'butterfly,' 'dinosaur' and 'elephant', but he's moved on to four syllables. Today's word is 'Incredible'. I believe he was thinking about the film rather than the earthquake.

And by the way... the Daily Mail has been quick to follow on from my post of yesterday - today's edition devotes the first ten pages to an anti-plastic bag campaign.


Dave said...

As Jonny B says, I both heard a low rumbling and looked out of the window (although I didn't blog about that last bit).

Greg said...

As far as I know there are three active bloggers in the seething metropolis of King's Lynn and the earthquake spectacularly failed to disturb any of us!

Z said...

Ro, who hadn't yet gone to sleep, said that he felt a good deal of movement and knew at once it was an earthquake. Al and Dilly, 10 yards away but on the ground floor, said it was more like a very low-flying aircraft and a party in the attic. Our end of the house doesn't have foundations, though Ro's does - maybe it wasn't felt so strongly in our room and that was why we didn't wake up - normally I'm a light sleeper.

Z said...

Dave, we're interested in every little thing you do. We'd love to know when you look out of the window.

My bedroom is very low-ceilinged and I can look out of the windows without getting out of bed. Very useful for the indolent.

The Boy said...

We noticed nothing in the sunny south. A neighbor said it woke him, but we just slept right through it to.