Saturday 23 February 2008

Almost time for Z to earn her keep

The Sage has spent the last week or two gathering together china for our next sale in May, and we'll be putting the catalogue together in the next fortnight. It's early, but so is Easter and we want it done before then.

There's one piece in particular that I really love. I'll tell you once the catalogue is out, but it's a trade secret until then. No question that we'll buy it - a similar piece sold at auction for more than we could pay a year or two ago, and this won't fetch less.

We enjoy everything about an auction, whether as buyers, sellers or, in the Sage's case, as auctioneer. It's exciting - as you know, if you've had any dealings with eBay; and a live auction is far better again. Even if you're not buying, looking at and handling beautiful objects, maybe that you could never afford to buy or wish to, is a pleasure in itself.


luckyzmom said...

Auctions are exciting, especially if you win!~O

Dave said...

One day, if I end up living closer to Yagnub, I'll be there. Probably not bidding, mind you.

Z said...

If you bid, you want to win - easy to get carried away!

Now, that would make my day, Dave.

Monozygote said...

You make it sound like he's been squirrelling away your fine dinner service bit by bit.

Z said...

Yes, it does rather - but he's been driving all over two counties fetching it from the vendors.

You can see I'm 'in the business' - I say vendors rather than sellers.