Sunday 24 February 2008

Don't Call Me Madame

Thanks to Gert for this one.

You Are Upper Class

Class isn't always about money, and you've at least got the brains, manners, and interests of an upper class person.

You don't have a trashy bone in your body, and you don't pretend to be someone you're not.

You're comfortable with your station in life, and class issues don't really bother you.

The finest things in life are within your reach, and you're comfortable enjoying them.

You may end up: A business leader, corporate lawyer, or philanthropist

Other people who share your class: Bill Gates, Oprah, former world leaders like Bill Clinton, and those reclusive billionaires no one ever talks about.

Of course, the only classy thing to be is classless - but the final sentence made me laugh.


heybartender said...

I am very frustrated by the lack of a "cusses like a sailor, but with very good grammar" choice.
(And now I'm sitting here cussing and second-guessing all of my grammar) :)

Z said...

Darling, I had the same problem. I take the attitude that 'if it's me, it's U', so swearing's fine. If I'm upper class, you are.

Greg said...

*tugs forelock respectfully*

Evenin' Ma'am!

Z said...

You're one of the people I look up to, Steg. More than Bil, Bill and Oprah for sure - but that's not enough of a compliment.

Respectfully, my left foot! You're teasing me again, dear heart.

Dave said...

Fascinating list of people Americans believe are upper class.

You, of course, are just classy.

Z said...

I'd love to think that the list showed the quiz's tongue-in-cheekiness, but possibly not.

I will tuck my irony detector away and simply thank you, Dave.

Pat said...

I seem to be off the radar. Ho Hum!

AFC 30K said...

Now what class do you think I am?

I was amazingly surprised.

Z said...

We're all on our uppers, here!

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Me too. But of course it is American upper class.

Monozygote said...

Yes. I quite like the idea of going on holiday to Nantucket. Also, they group trade in with the professions, which to me is quite wrong.