Tuesday 19 February 2008

Z Connects with the Son

"hi" "hi". "What did you see?" "Juno." "Good?" "Yeah." "Have you eaten?" "yup." "I've just made some coffee, would you like some?" "Yes please, half a mug is fine." "That's enough for me too, we'll share the small pot."

"By the way, the new Mountain Goats album arrived today." "Oh yes, it's out today. Have you listened to it yet? Lyrics are bleak, aren't they." "Yes, and yes they are, but I haven't got them all yet. Would you like to borrow it?" "I've listened to it online, it's really good. Yes please."

I feel all happening and where it's at, whatever I might mean by that.

I also bought an 'Old 97's' (sic) album, because the track 'designs on you', which Julie sent me, entertains me every time I hear it. I didn't think I'd ever buy anything which iTunes labels 'country', but it is pleasing me mightily.


badgerdaddy said...

Been meaning to send you some country for a while - I have some wonderful stuff which comes under 'alt country', and some straight country which is in a different world, it's awesome.

And I'm so not a country fan... But then there's Emmylou Harris... Dolly... Maybe I am???

Z said...

It's quality, not the name of the genre that matters - I love the fact that my musical mind is broadening.